Welcome to the Sermons Archive for 1985


Date Title Minister
1985-Jan-06 Former Things; New Things Daniel N. S. Schowalter
1985-Jan-13 Close Encounters Philip A. Muth
1985-Jan-20 Responsible Religion Philip A. Muth
1985-Jan-27 The Time Is Now Philip A. Muth
1985-Feb-03 Four Things You Can Count On Philip A. Muth
1985-Feb-10 Body, Mind, and Spirit Philip A. Muth
1985-Feb-17 Criticizing The Critic Markham E. Dunn
1985-Feb-24 A Daring Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Mar-03 A Growing Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Mar-10 A Persistent Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Mar-17 A Fruitful Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Mar-24 A Serving Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Mar-31 A Risking Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Apr-04 Maundy Thursday Jeff B. Palmer
1985-Apr-05 Good Friday Service Jeff B. Palmer
1985-Apr-07 That's Really Funny Markham E. Dunn
1985-Apr-07 A Triumphant Faith Philip A. Muth
1985-Apr-14 Resurrection In This Life Jeff B. Palmer
1985-Apr-21 The Secret of Contentment Philip A. Muth
1985-Apr-28 Being Truly Human Philip A. Muth
1985-May-05 Youth Sunday Cheryl Nortman
1985-May-05 Youth Sunday Jon Gray
1985-May-12 Reacting To Loneliness Markham E. Dunn
1985-May-19 Overcoming Suffering Philip A. Muth
1985-May-26 The Power and The Purpose Philip A. Muth
1985-Jun-02 Is There Life After Birth Philip A. Muth
1985-Jun-09 Transcript Missing Unknown
1985-Jun-16 Transcript Missing Unknown
1985-Jun-23 Adjusting the Vertical and Horizontal Hold Markham E. Dunn
1985-Jun-30 Can a Christian Have Doubts Philip A. Muth
1985-Jul-07 From the Alters of the Past Philip A. Muth
1985-Jul-14 Mad as a Wet Hen Markham E. Dunn
1985-Jul-21 Maturing Gracefully Markham E. Dunn
1985-Jul-28 In Pursuit of Meaning Jeff B. Palmer
1985-Aug-04 Amazing Grace; How Sweet the Sound Markham E. Dunn
1985-Aug-11 Paul and the Paradox of Apostleship Jeff B. Palmer
1985-Aug-18 The Joy of Belonging Philip A. Muth
1985-Aug-25 The Gospel in a Nutshell Philip A. Muth
1985-Sep-01 Reach Out and Touch Someone Jeff B. Palmer
1985-Sep-08 A Time to Choose Philip A. Muth
1985-Sep-15 Thou Shalt Love Thyself Philip A. Muth
1985-Sep-22 Little Less Than God Philip A. Muth
1985-Sep-29 You, Too, Can Be a Hero Philip A. Muth
1985-Oct-06 The Quest For Life Philip A. Muth
1985-Oct-13 A Burning Bush For Me? Philip A. Muth
1985-Oct-20 Transcript Missing Unknown
1985-Oct-27 No Longer Strangers Philip A. Muth
1985-Nov-03 I Want Candy! What's That? Markham E. Dunn
1985-Nov-10 Transcript Missing Unknown
1985-Nov-17 The Gift of Wholeness Philip A. Muth
1985-Nov-24 Transcript Missing Unknown
1985-Nov-28 Writing Thank You Notes Markham E. Dunn
1985-Dec-01 When Goodness Isn't Good Philip A. Muth
1985-Dec-08 When freedom Isn't Free Philip A. Muth
1985-Dec-15 When Success Is Not Successful Philip A. Muth
1985-Dec-22 Peace On Earth Philip A. Muth
1985-Dec-24 Silent Night Philip A. Muth
1985-Dec-29 Life's Hidden Wells Philip A. Muth
1985-Jul-03 Tosa Sesquicentenial Celebration Tosa Historians