Welcome to the Sermons Archive for 2004


Date Title Minister OOW
2004-Jan-04 Lo, The Star! Samuel Schaal
2004-Jan-11 What's in a name? Steven A. Peay
2004-Jan-18 Stewards of Many Gifts Steven A. Peay
2004-Jan-25 Church: Mission Impossible? Steven A. Peay
2004-Feb-01 Can Love Really Be Tough? Steven A. Peay
2004-Feb-08 Encountering the Holy in the Ordinary Steven A. Peay
2004-Feb-15 Blessed are the Rooted Steven A. Peay
2004-Feb-22 The Un-Veiling Carrie Kreps
2004-Feb-29 Temptation Samuel Schaal
2004-Mar-07 The Covenant at the Heart of Things Steven A. Peay
2004-Mar-14 A Seven Letter Word Meaning 'Change' Steven A. Peay
2004-Mar-21 Prodigal Is As Prodigal Does Steven A. Peay
2004-Mar-28 Taking A Risk Samuel Schaal
2004-Apr-04 Loved with a Passion Steven A. Peay
2004-Apr-11 The Resurrection-Driven Life Steven A. Peay
2004-Apr-18 Following Jesus  8:45am
Following Jesus  11:00am
Peter Kennet
2004-Apr-25 Same...But Different Samuel Schaal
2004-May-02 Tabitha, rise! Carrie Kreps
2004-May-09 Only a Mother could love Steven A. Peay
2004-May-16 Seeing Shalom Samuel Schaal
2004-May-23 Minds, Open Hearts, Open Hands Steven A. Peay
2004-May-30 Breaking the Code Steven A. Peay
2004-Jun-06 Children's Sunday Photos Carrie Kreps
2004-Jun-13 Gracious Living Steven A. Peay
2004-Jun-20 Silence is Golden Steven A. Peay
2004-Jun-27 Face Set Forward Carrie Kreps
2004-Jul-04 Nearer Than You Think Steven A. Peay
2004-Jul-11 The Story of the Bad Samaritan Samuel Schaal
2004-Jul-18 Getting It Together and Keeping It Together Steven A. Peay
2004-Jul-25 Praying From the Inside Out Samuel Schaal
2004-Aug-01 A New Mindset Steven A. Peay
2004-Aug-08 Faith Factor Samuel Schaal
2004-Aug-15 Great Expectations? Steven A. Peay
2004-Aug-22 Called to Completeness Steven A. Peay
2004-Aug-29 Walking the Talk Steven A. Peay
2004-Sep-05 Choosing Well Steven A. Peay
2004-Sep-12 Transcript Missing Unknown None
2004-Sep-19 Is There No Balm in Wauwatosa? Samuel Schaal
2004-Sep-26 Walking Like the Egyptians? Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2004-Oct-03 When the Ordinary Becomes EXTRAordinary Steven A. Peay
2004-Oct-10 Thank You, Jesus! Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2004-Oct-17 Hearts to God: Prayer Steven A. Peay
2004-Oct-24 Hearts to God: Stewardship Steven A. Peay
2004-Oct-31 Hearts to God: Risk Taking Steven A. Peay
2004-Nov-07 Hearts to God: Commitment Here and Hereafter Steven A. Peay
2004-Nov-14 Church: Moving Beyond the Edifice Complex Steven A. Peay
2004-Nov-21 A Heritage of Reconciliation Steven A. Peay
2004-Nov-28 What Time Is It? Samuel Schaal
2004-Dec-05 Expecting the Unexpected Steven A. Peay
2004-Dec-12 Knowing the One Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2004-Dec-19 Expecting the Unexpected Steven A. Peay
2004-Dec-26 Transcript Missing Unknown None