Welcome to the Sermons Archive for 2005


Date Title Minister MP3 OOW
2005-Jan-02 Birth or Death? Samuel Schaal
2005-Jan-09 Getting at the Heart of Faith Steven A. Peay
2005-Jan-16 Getting at the Heart of Christianity Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-Jan-23 Getting at the Heart of Congregationalism Samuel Schaal
2005-Jan-30 Come Blessed, Go Blessed Janet Wootten
2005-Feb-06 See-Through Spirituality Steven A. Peay
2005-Feb-13 A Matter of Choice Steven A. Peay
2005-Feb-20 Celebration of Service Daniel N. Schowalter
2005-Feb-27 Beyond Self-Justification Steven A. Peay
2005-Mar-06 Expectations: Great and Otherwise Steven A. Peay
2005-Mar-13 Can These Bones Live? Steven A. Peay
2005-Mar-20 The Heart at the Center: A Meditation Steven A. Peay
2005-Mar-24 Pastoral Reflections on Servanthood Peay, Schaal, & Kreps Wegenast
2005-Mar-27 Resurrection: A Story Beyond Belief Steven A. Peay
2005-Apr-03 I Doubt, Therefore I Am Steven A. Peay
2005-Apr-10 You'll Never Know Who You'll Meet Steven A. Peay
2005-Apr-17 Feeling Sheepish Samuel Schaal
2005-Apr-24 What I Want Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-May-01 I'll Be There For You Steven A. Peay
2005-May-08 Transcript Missing Unknown
2005-May-15 An Affair of the Heart Steven A. Peay
2005-May-22 Invitation to the Dance Steven A. Peay
2005-May-29 Faith and Freedom: Foundation for Life Steven A. Peay
& Samuel R. Schaal
2005-Jun-05 Transcript Missing Unknown
2005-Jun-12 Transcript Missing Unknown
2005-Jun-19 God of Falling Sparrows and Counted Hairs Steven A. Peay
2005-Jun-26 Final Exam Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-Jul-03 Freely Yoked for the Common Good Steven A. Peay
2005-Jul-10 Good Seed + Good Soil = Good Fruit Steven A. Peay
2005-Jul-17 The New Creation Samuel R. Schaal
2005-Jul-24 Rising Yeast Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-Jul-31 Beyond the Buffet Steven A. Peay
2005-Aug-07 Chaos Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-Aug-14 Towards the Larger Life Samuel R. Schaal
2005-Aug-21 Who Do You Say That Jesus Is? Samuel R. Schaal
2005-Aug-28 Non-Secret Agents Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-Sep-04 Singing in Harmony Samuel R. Schaal
2005-Sep-11 A Gifted People Steven A. Peay
2005-Sep-18 A Covenant People Steven A. Peay
2005-Sep-25 A Worshipping People Steven A. Peay
2005-Oct-02 A Learning People Steven A. Peay
2005-Oct-09 A Compassionate People Steven A. Peay
2005-Oct-16 A Caring People Steven A. Peay
2005-Oct-23 A Generous People Steven A. Peay
2005-Oct-30 A Reformed People Steven A. Peay
2005-Nov-06 Seeing the Saintly Self Steven A. Peay
2005-Nov-13 Accountable Spirituality Steven A. Peay
2005-Nov-20 Buzz About the Kingdom Carrie Kreps Wegenast
2005-Nov-24 Got Blessings? Steven A. Peay
2005-Nov-27 Caution: Road Work Ahead Samuel R. Schaal
2005-Dec-04 Mary: Beyond the Manger Steven A. Peay
2005-Dec-11 Who are You? Duane Coates (Intern)  
2005-Dec-18 Lesson in Carols
2005-Dec-24 Once upon a time in Bethlehem Steven A. Peay
2005-Dec-25 Sing We Now of Christmas Steven A. Peay