Welcome to the Sermons Archive for 2007


Date Title Minister MP3 OOW
2007-Jan-07 Baptized in the (Free) Spirit Samuel Schaal
2007-Jan-14 God's Most Annoying Miracle Robert J. Brink
2007-Jan-21 Your Mission... Steven A. Peay
2007-Jan-28 Being Fully Known Samuel Schaal
2007-Feb-04 It's About GOD Steven A. Peay
2007-Feb-11 Real Life Steven A. Peay
2007-Feb-18 Transformers Steven A. Peay
2007-Feb-25 Strategic Memories Steven A. Peay
2007-Mar-04 When Imitation IS the Real Thing Steven A. Peay
2007-Mar-11 The Pause That Refreshes Samuel R. Schaal
2007-Mar-18 UNOBS CLR VUE Steven A. Peay
2007-Mar-25 Moving On Up Steven A. Peay
2007-Apr-01 For Us... Steven A. Peay
2007-Apr-08 Resurrection Beyond Codes and Bone Boxes Steven A. Peay
2007-Apr-15 Doubting F-I-Y-O-N Steven A. Peay
2007-Apr-22 Breakfast on the Beach Donald P. Olson
2007-Apr-29 The Good Shepherd Robert J. Brink
2007-May-06 Love One Another Robert J. Brink
2007-May-13 Homemaking and Peacemaking Steven A. Peay
2007-May-20 The End is the Beginning Samuel R. Schaal
2007-May-27 A Church of Power and Peace Samuel R. Schaal
2007-Jun-03 Children's Sunday Robert J. Brink
2007-Jun-10 Choosing to Make a Difference Steven A. Peay
2007-Jun-17 Waste Not, Want Not - Really Steven A. Peay
2007-Jun-24 WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE Richard Buchman
2007-Jul-01 Spiritual Freedom Samuel Schaal
2007-Jul-08 Doing the Right Thing. . . Even When
Doing the Wrong Thing is Easier
Steven A. Peay
2007-Jul-15 Please Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Steven A. Peay
2007-Jul-22 Choosing the Better Part Robert J. Brink
2007-Jul-29 Prayer: Learning How to Breathe Steven A. Peay
2007-Aug-05 Transcript Missing Steven A. Peay
2007-Aug-12 Giving As Good As You Get Steven A. Peay
2007-Aug-19 Jesus: Divider or Uniter? Samuel Schaal
2007-Aug-26 God Helps Those Who.... Steven A. Peay
2007-Sep-02 Table Manners Samuel Schaal
2007-Sep-09 Sing A New Song Steven A. Peay
2007-Sep-16 See With New Eyes Steven A. Peay
2007-Sep-23 Serve a New Master Samuel Schaal
2007-Sep-30 Hear With New Ears Samuel Schaal
2007-Oct-07 Behold a New Glory Steven A. Peay
2007-Oct-14 Follow a New Way Steven A. Peay
2007-Oct-21 Live a New Life Steven A. Peay
2007-Oct-28 Transcript Missing Cinthia Bacon
2007-Nov-04 Saints by Calling Steven A. Peay
2007-Nov-11 Tradition: More Than Dead White Guys! Steven A. Peay
2007-Nov-18 The Future's Shock Steven A. Peay
2007-Nov-22 Being ThankFULL Steven A. Peay
2007-Nov-25 Transcript Missing Robert J. Brink
2007-Dec-02 Wake Up and... Steven A. Peay
2007-Dec-09 Of Good Things and Small Packages Steven A. Peay
2007-Dec-16 Lessons and Carols
2007-Dec-23 Born of a VIRGIN?! Really? Steven A. Peay
2007-Dec-24 Out of Darkness Steven A. Peay
2007-Dec-30 Divine Deployment Richard Koch