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Date Title Minister
1997-Jan-01 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Jan-08 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Jan-15 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Jan-22 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Jan-29 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Feb-05 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Feb-12 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Feb-19 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Feb-26 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Mar-02 God's Top Ten, Part I Lonnie Richardson
1997-Mar-09 God's Top Ten, Part II Lonnie Richardson
1997-Mar-16 Building Bridges To Eternity Steven A. Peay
1997-Mar-23 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Mar-28 Behold the wood of the cross... Steven A. Peay
1997-Mar-30 Resurrection: Stone in Humanity's Still Pond Steven A. Peay
1997-Apr-11 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Apr-16 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Apr-20 Some Sheep . . . Some Shepherd Steven A. Peay
1997-Apr-27 You've got a Friend Lonnie Richardson
1997-May-04 Pilgrim's Progress Ron Smeenge presents
1997-May-11 You Can Have Success Lonnie Richardson
1997-May-18 The Spirit of Truth Steven A. Peay
1997-May-25 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Jun-01 How To Live On Top of Your Worries Lonnie Richardson
1997-Jun-11 Transcript Missing Unknown
1997-Jun-15 Raising PG Kids in an X Rated Society. That Perfect Picture Lonnie Richardson
1997-Jun-22 Five Smooth Stones Chris Rygh
1997-Jun-29 Faith That Heals Steven A. Peay
1997-Jul-06 The Mission of Jesus Lonnie Richardson & Steven A. Peay
1997-Jul-13 The Message of Jesus Lonnie Richardson & Steven A. Peay
1997-Jul-20 The Method of Jesus Lonnie Richardson & Steven A. Peay
1997-Jul-27 The Model of Jesus Lonnie Richardson & Steven A. Peay
1997-Aug-03 ...Building Strong Bodies Steven A. Peay
1997-Aug-10 Wonderbread: Slicing the Loaf Chris Rygh
1997-Aug-17 How To Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Steven A. Peay
1997-Aug-24 Faith Encouragement Lonnie Richardson
1997-Aug-31 Love: Source of a Clear Conscience Steven A. Peay
1997-Sep-07 You Can Make A Difference Lonnie Richardson
1997-Sep-14 Don't Give Up Lonnie Richardson
1997-Sep-21 Love That Releases Lonnie Richardson
1997-Sep-28 The Rewards of Taking a Risk Lonnie Richardson
1997-Oct-05 Faith: Jumping to Conclusions or Concluding to Jump Lonnie Richardson
1997-Oct-12 The Simple Gift Steven A. Peay
1997-Oct-19 Spread Your Wings - Transcript Missing Lonnie Richardson
1997-Oct-26 What To Do With A Faith That Makes You Well Lonnie Richardson
1997-Nov-02 Being the Person You Want To Be - Transcript Missing Lonnie Richardson
1997-Nov-09 The Measure of a Gift Lonnie Richardson
1997-Nov-15 Hold On...The Day Is Coming Steven A. Peay
1997-Nov-23 Another Kind of Kingdom Lonnie Richardson
1997-Nov-27 Giving Thanks to the God Who Gives Lonnie Richardson
1997-Nov-30 Anticipating the Best Lonnie Richardson
1997-Dec-07 Preparing the Way, Pointing to the One Lonnie Richardson
1997-Dec-14 What We Can Do Lonnie Richardson
1997-Dec-21 The Promisekeeper Steven A. Peay
1997-Dec-24 If God Was One of Us Lonnie Richardson