Year in Review 1999

Report of the Moderator

Report of the Minister

Church Clerk's Report

Digest of 156th Annual Meeting of January 21, 1998

Proposed Budget for 2000

Report of the Moderator


1999 has been a year filled with opportunities for many to become involved and to make a difference. It has also been a year of some change and a year of planning and goal setting.

Our boards formulated goals adding consistency and purpose over time. Pending changes to our By-Laws are being recommended by the Long Range Planning Committee which will enable our boards, committees and the Church Council to operate more effectively.

The thorough study of our physical building along with recommended improvements involved many and was completed by the Facilities Renewal Committee. Although we were not able to raise all the funds needed we are moving forward with a portion of the recommended improvements and should begin this spring.

The Board of Christian Stewardship involved the congregation with a survey. The results of your responses have been discussed and forwarded to the professional staff and to the appropriate boards for action.

Rev. Charles Goldsmith

Our relationship with the Congregational Home was strengthened and expanded when the Rev. Charlie Goldsmith joined our staff primarily for work at the Home.  We welcome the warmth and insight that he brings to the residents as well as to the congregation.

We are also very fortunate to have had Kathy Rust join out staff this past August.  Kathy brings extensive organizational abilities with her and has begun the renewal of some of the much desired Adult Education programs.

Rev. Kathryn Rust

Combining three years of covenant classes enabled 43 young people to be confirmed. Our Sunday School programs are very busy as the numbers of "youngsters" involved continues to grow.

Our very strong music program under the direction of Lee Jacobi and augmented by Betty Dethmers offers substantial opportunities for those blessed with musical and vocal talents to enrich and inspire the congregation every week.

Under the leadership of Lonnie Richardson we are blessed with a faithful staff ever eager to care for our needs.

We have much to be thankful for here and have a strong heritage upon which to build our future. However, we do have some challenges and foremost is our financial well being. Maintenance of our building, benevolence giving and our ability to support programs and staff required a strong financial commitment from all. Because we are a free church we stand alone with our responsibility to support current activities and to insure the future of our church. It is a commitment we all must make.

I thank each member of the congregation for sharing their talents. It is because of you, and God's help and love, that we come together to share in this wonderful place.

Merrill York

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Report of the Minister for 1999

Rev. Lonnie A. Richardson

January 2000While 1999 was a time of leadership transition we successfully funded a balanced budget and received more new members than in several years. Total money collected for programming and building renovation was one of the highest in our history, and this year's confirmation class of 43 youth was an encouragement for the future of God's church.

Several thrilling milestones were reached. The ministry to men was expanded to a weekly event. Adult Education looked at the communities of Paul and holiday traditions. 59 members attended Family Camp. An innovative outreach to members titled, "Caring Through visitation" trained and assigned people to membership care. About 150 attended joint worship and fellowship exchanges with our neighbors at Community Baptist Church, This was the largest attended ecumenical event since I have been your senior minister.

As associate search; two vicinages and ordinations; an extensive evaluation of our By-Laws with Long Range Planning and the development for the lower level renovation were in addition to the usual demanding activities of our church. As we have faith in our future we have had power in the present. I am proud of you.

Embracing that which is eternal while grasping the opportunities God places before us, we move into the next millennium. Our ministry theme this year will be 2000 AD The Year of Our Lord. We will learn how Jesus related to God, to his followers, to the religious establishment and civic authorities.

I am eager to journey with you into the future. Let's continue to believe in the God who believes in us!

In Christ,

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Church Clerk's Report



as of Dec. 31, 1998 1234

Members deceased 33

Members transferred 21

Total removed 54

New Members Received

Covenant Class 43

June 6, 1999 20

October 17, 1999 2

October 24, 1999 20

Total received +85


as of December 31, 1999 1265

Ministerial Services

Baptisms 38 Marriages 21

Funerals and Memorial Services

Members 21 Non-Members 6


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Minutes of the 156th Annual Meeting January 20, 1999

Rev. Dr. Steven Peay gave opening prayer.
Moderator Karl Stieghorst called meeting to order.
Church Covenant read.
155th Annual Meeting Minutes approved.
Rev. Lonnie Richardson reported positive activities: building renovation, education opportunities, mission work. "Ministry Possibilities for 1999-2001" listed; worship, discipleship, mission and fellowship; goal of 600 in worship; 300 in following areas: help poor; small group opportunities; programs to help acquaint members; monthly fellowship activities. Members challenged to commit to church's future, with Christ as head.
Butch Boyd, Treasurer reviewed Schedules; motion accepted to approve.
Merrill York presented Stewardship Report and 1999 Budget Proposal. Motion accepted.
Dale Engstrom presented Congregational Home report, describing new addition. C.H. celebrates 25th Anniversary in June. Charlie Nelson, administrator stressed strong relationship between FCC and C.H.; introduced Michelle Jackson and Charles Goldsmith, on staff of C.H and FCC. Karl Stieghorst presented Charles Goldsmith, Minister of Pastoral Care at C.H. Motion made, carried; Charles will be on church staff.
Jim Santelle, Bd/Deacons, reported approval by Board and Council to present Ministerial License to Chris Rygh. Motion carried.
Retiring Officers, Board, Committee Members thanked. Nominating representative, Stew Davis introduced new officers, board members. Motion carried; all duly elected.
New Moderator Merrill York thanked those who have served and presented six objectives for this year:1. Building Renovation: complete study of physical plant; 2. Boards formulate 3 year objectives; 3. Long Range Planning Committee analyze boards, Church Council; determine number of members needed; 4. Review church calendar; officers now begin term in January; may be best in September; 5. More parking spaces. Review option to acquire land south of church; 6. Evaluate, present data on "appropriate giving."
New Business: Doug Jacobson and Renovation Committee analyzed improvements needed; facility has served well, not only for us, but for many in community. Committee member, architect Tom Stacey showed slides of diagrams showing Areas of Focus: Music, Children, Fellowship; Traffic areas in basement, first, second floors. Merrill thanked committee and Tom Stacey. Business completed, he asked for motion to adjourn; approved.
Lee Jacobi led singing "Blest Be the Tie That Binds."
Julie Anheuser, Bd/Deacon's Chair, gave benediction.
Adjourned at 9:45.

Respectfully submitted, Elizabeth A. Isenberg, Church Clerk

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Trustees $119,000 $114,000 $111,875
Deacons 4,100 3,825 4,737
Congregational Care 1,800 1,800 1,864
Christian Fellowship 2,900 2,700 3,030
Christian Education 17,200 12,000 12,097
Stewardship, regular 1,900 1,900 1,835
canvass 2,725 2,725 1,905
Communications 34,900 30,600 33,400
Music 5,875 5,675 6,518
Personnel 444,285 444,000 419,382
Council Sub-Committees 2,300 1,900 1,342
OPERATING EXPENDITURES $636,985 $617,125 $597,985
Benevolences 74,200 46,664 59,477

Facilities Renewal Projects




TOTAL EXPENDITURES 722,185 $674,789 $682,496
Expected Pledge Payments $598,789
Other Receipts 50,500

Facilities Renewal Projects


Income from Heritage Endowment Fund 14,500

*Amounts requested by Boards and Committees,
which were reduced by Budget and Finance Committee
due to shortfall in available Funds.
(Total reduction was $47,396.)

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