Other Fellowship Opportunities

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Counseling is available to any church member faced with problems or major decisions. As the spiritual well-being and enrichment of members is the primary concern of the ministers, they welcome opportunities for private conference.

Visits to the Sick are made regularly by the ministers and various groups of volunteers. Please notify the church office if a family member or a friend is hospitalized or is in need of spiritual assistance.

The Partner Program provides contact with shut-ins. Members who participate visit people in their homes or contact them regularly by phone. They report any needs to the ministerial staff or the church office.

Other Services

Shut-In Services are available. Regular Sunday worship services are recorded on audio and video tape cassettes each week; these cassettes are available for home listening to those who are unable to attend church. The church office has more information.

For Disabled Members, the Ridge Court and parking lot entrances are equipped with special ramps for wheel chairs or crutches. A passenger elevator provides transportation for those unable to use stairways.

For Hearing Impaired Members the church is equipped with an FM loop system. To access the system, simply set your hearing aid to the T setting.

The First Congregational Columns is sent to all members and friends of the church. It contain news of coming church events, boards and activities.

Coffee Hours provide opportunities for social exchange between members. They are held after the first service in the Friendship Lounge or Social Hall each Sunday.

The Literature Rack, located in the Narthex, contains daily devotional booklets and brochures describing the church. Large print copies of the Order of Worship are also found there on Sundays as well as printed sermons from our three ministers.

The Resource Center is located on the first floor, adjacent to the Friendship Lounge. Religious, non-fiction books, and videos are available for all members. Proceeds benefit the libraries.

Children's Library houses a collection of children's and family materials. Picture books and board books, as well as favorite read-aloud books and videos may be checked out for up to three weeks. The library is open each Sunday morning and at various times during the week.

The Scholarship Program is designed to help students studying for the ministry.

The Congregational Aid Fund is available to provide assistance to church members. For information, please contact one of the ministers.

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