Welcome to the Sermons Archive for 2011


Date Title Minister MP3 OOW
2011-Jan-02 OPPOSITES Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Jan-09 [Jesus] Baptism Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Jan-16 No Transcript ???
2011-Jan-23 No Transcript ???
2011-Jan-30 IF YOU HAD BEEN THERE Richard P. Buchman
2011-Feb-06 BREAD Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Feb-13 OF Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Feb-20 No Transcript ???
2011-Feb-27 DECISIONS Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Mar-06 TRANSFIGURATION Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Mar-13 No Transcript Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Mar-20 No Transcript ???
2011-Mar-27 DOES JOB FEAR GOD FOR NOUGHT? Richard P. Buchman
2011-Apr-03 FEAR Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Apr-10 No Transcript ???
2011-Apr-17 No Transcript ???
2011-Apr-24 I Have Seen the Lord Sue LeFeber
2011-May-01 No Transcript ???
2011-May-08 No Transcript ???
2011-May-15 8am Listen Barry W. Szymanski
2011-May-15 10am No Transcript Jan Kwiatkowski
2011-May-22 No Transcript Tom Searfoss
2011-May-29 No Transcript Tom Searfoss
2011-Jun-05 No Transcript ???
2011-Jun-12 No Transcript Tom Searfoss
2011-Jun-19 No Transcript Tom Searfoss
2011-Jun-26 The Akedah Tom Searfoss
2011-Jul-03 Living Our Contradictions Tom Searfoss
2011-Jul-10 After All, I'm a Woman Jan Kwiatkowski
2011-Jul-17 8am The Deserted Place Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Jul-17 10am No Transcript Tom Searfoss
2011-Jul-24 8am The Kingdom Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Jul-24 10am No Transcript Tom Searfoss
2011-Jul-31 8am Change and Risk Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Jul-31 Gordanna's Journey Tom Searfoss
2011-Aug-07 8am Walking Toward Jesus [On Water] Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Aug-07 10am Faith Is Tom Searfoss
2011-Aug-14 The Human Moment at Work Tom Searfoss
2011-Aug-21 If We Only Knew Thomas Richard
2011-Aug-28 Have We Domesticated Jesus? Tom Searfoss
2011-Sep-04 Shakespeare, the Apostle Paul, and John Wesley Tom Searfoss
2011-Sep-11 Journey Tom Searfoss
2011-Sep-18 Spirituality 101 Tom Searfoss
2011-Sep-25 Do Fish Think? Tom Searfoss
2011-Oct-02 The Glory of God Tom Searfoss
2011-Oct-09 8am TENSION! Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Oct-09 10am ASP Presentation ASP Team
2011-Oct-16 Babblespeak Tom Searfoss
2011-Oct-23 Are we worthy? Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Oct-30 No Transcript Paster Christensen
2011-Nov-06 The Ten Bridesmaids Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Nov-13 Abilities and Talents Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Nov-20 Where in the World is the Kingdom of God? Rev Clark
2011-Nov-24 THANK! Richard P. Buchman
2011-Nov-27 Out of the Ordinary Julie Smith
2011-Dec-04 Advent Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Dec-11 John - Sent by God Barry W. Szymanski
2011-Dec-18 8am THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS Richard P. Buchman
2011-Dec-18 10am LESSONS AND CAROLS Lay Readers
2011-Dec-25 No Transcript Barry W. Szymanski