This is a historical reference document from the archive files of the First Congregational Church of Wauwatosa that reflects the polity and beliefs of the church in 1912.  It should not be considered necessarily as a statement of the current church polity or beliefs.

MANUAL   1912


Wauwatosa, Wis  1842 - 1912


Following the example of the earliest churches as recorded in the New Testament, this church is organized under the principles of freedom of association, equal membership rights, and independent local church government.  It believes that any company of people leading Christian lives, voluntarily associating and covenanting themselves, for worship and work, and for the observance of the Sacraments, is a Christian Church.  It holds that a minister, recognized by call and ordination, by such a Church, is a New Testament Elder or Bishop.

This Church is independent of any outward control or jurisdiction by any other ecclesiastical body.   Its accountability is only to Christ as its head.  Its minister is selected by the Church to be their leader in spiritual things; the membership by majority vote have the right and duty of transacting all the necessary business of a. Christian Church.  It believes that every such Church is in its genuineness, dignity, and authority, on a level with every other Christian Church.

But although independent, it believes in fellowship and co-operation and feels that it is one of a sisterhood of churches.  Through local Councils, District and State Associations, and the National Council, and through the seven Benevolent Societies, it unites in Christian service with all Congregational churches.

Holding that service is the only justification of a separate denomination it believes the churches of the Congregational order justified by their fruits.  In giving to the country the beginnings of free town, state, and national government; in founding the public school system and in founding the first colleges of the country and building colleges wherever It has gone, and in giving to the nation leaders and pioneers in theology, education, and moral reform; in founding the first Foreign Missionary Society, the first society for work among the freed slaves, and the first young peoples' society, the Christian Endeavor; in giving to the world evangelists like C. G. Finney and D. L. Moody, and leaders in social reform like Washington Gladden and Graham Taylor; in emphasis on both the individual and social sides of the Gospel; in these and in many other ways the freedom of initiative afforded bears the seal of Divine guidance.

We recognize that we are but one family of Christ's people, and while adhering to our own faith and order, we seek to work in harmony and fellowship, for the upbuilding of His kingdom, with all the several households, which though called by different names, are the one body of Christ.  With them we strive to carry the Gospel in its fullness to every creature, knowing full well that "One is your Master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren."   And that, "Lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of world."


The First Congregational Church of Wauwatosa is the oldest church in the community.  It was organized March I, 1842, at a meeting held in the log-house home of Richard Gilbert by Rev. John J. Miter, moderator, the Rev. Hiram Marsh, clerk, and Richard Gilbert, Nancy Gilbert, Sylvia Gilbert, Fanny E. Morgan, Emmerson C. Maynard, Marcia M. Maynard, Hezekiah Gilbert, Jonathan M. Warren, and Lavinia D. Warren.  Immediately after organization they proceeded to examine and receive into fellowship David Morgan and Ephraim Gilbert.

These founders had the spirit of the Puritans, for they put into their covenant a pledge not to use intoxicating liquors as a beverage, nor to encourage the manufacture or sale of them in the community.  Also to withhold fellowship from those who held slaves or advocated the right of slaveholding.

For ten years the church met in homes or school houses or barns in the country, or village, as was convenient.  The first building was erected in 1853.   It was remodeled and a lecture room added in 1870.  The parsonage was built in 1884.  In 1887 the church building was again remodeled into its present form.

The membership of this church has numbered 794 people; 133 have been removed by death, 284 by letter, and 47 in other ways, leaving a membership of 330 January I, 1912.

The first branch of the W. B. M. I. in Wisconsin was organized in this church, and the first collection for Beloit College outside of Beloit was taken here.  To that college $13,100 was given in the first half century of the church's existence.   Over  $48,000 has been given in benevolences.  Doubtless if complete records were at hand it would be found much more, for the missionary spirit has always been strong.

This spirit has grown until at the annual meeting of 1912, the church voted to undertake the support of Mrs. Sarah Clapp Goodrich as our Missionary in China.  Always fraternal and tolerant in spirit it has welcomed the other churches to the city and sought to work in harmony and fellowship with them.  And likewise it has borne a full share in Christian work in the city of Milwaukee and throughout the state.


HIRAM MARSH,                   January 1842—October 1842.
L. BRIDGEMAN,                   October 1842—October 1843.
J. KITCHEL,                           December 1843—May, 1845.
LUTHER CLAPP,                   August 1845—January 1873.
A. M. CASE,                           November 1873—-August, 1875.
GEORGE W. NELSON,         December 1875—April 1884.
JAMES W. WHITE,                February 1885--June 1890.
W. C. STINSON,                    January 1891—January 1893.
HENRY HOLMES,                 August 1893—August 1898.
JOHN W. SUTHERLAND,     November 1808—April 1901.
ALEXANDER R. THAIN,      September 1901—April 1908.
ANDREW C. KELLEY,          October 1908 ---




Section 1.  The qualifications for membership are evidences of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  All persons wishing to unite with the church must make application to the Board of Deacons, and upon their recommendation may become members by vote of the church, when they have publicly entered into covenant with the church.

Section 2.  Only resident members who shall have attained the full age of eighteen (18) years shall be entitled to vote in the management of the secular affairs of the church, in the election of officers, in matters of discipline, or in matters pertaining to the pastoral relations.



Section 1.  The officers of this church shall be a Pastor, six (6) Deacons, three (3) Deaconesses, seven (7) Trustees, a Clerk, a. Financial Secretary, a Treasurer, a Superintendent of the Sunday School and a Prudential Committee, consisting of the pastor, the deacons and three additional members.



Section 1.  The office of Pastor shall be permanent, terminated only by death or otherwise according to Congregational usage. The Pastor shall be an ordained minister of the gospel, and before being installed shall become & member of this church.  He shall be chosen by ballot at a special meeting of the church, called for that purpose; a three-fourths  (3/4) vote of the qualified members of the church who are present shall be necessary to constitute a. choice in the election of a Pastor.

Section 2.  All other officers of the church shall be elected by ballot at each annual meeting, and shall hold office for one (1) year, or until their successors are elected, except that the Deacons and Trustees shall hold office for three (3) years, provided that at the first annual meeting two (2) Deacons and three (3) Trustees shall be elected for three (3) years, two (2) of each for two (2) years, and two (2) of each for one (1) year.

Any person having held office (other than Pastor) for three (3) consecutive years shall be ineligible for re-election for one year thereafter.

No person shall be elected Superintendent of the Sunday School unless previously nominated by the Sunday School.

Section 3.  Any officer being at the time of his election a resident member of the church, who shall cease to maintain, such relation, shall forfeit his office.

Section 4.  Vacancies in any office, occurring from any cause before the expiration of a term, shall be filled by an election at an annual or special business meeting of the Church for the remainder of the term.



Section 1.  It shall be the duty of the Pastor to preach statedly to the church, to administer the ordinances of the gospel and to perform the various duties incumbent upon his office.

Section 2.  It shall be the duty of the Board of Deacons to assist in the administration of the Lord's Supper; to select the pulpit supply during the absence of the Pastor and during a vacancy in such office; to have regard to the spiritual affairs of the church; to promote, so far as possible, the Christian life and fellowship of the members by visitation and counsel; to disburse the general benevolence fund of the church; to relieve distress among members; to inquire into the evidences of Christian character of all candidates for membership in the church on confession of faith, and to examine certificates presented by members of other churches, and to present at the annual meeting of the church a report of the work of the Board, together with an estimate of the spiritual condition of the church and of the value or import of any phase of church life which they may deem worthy of notice and record.

Should any offense arise in the church, it shall be the duty of the Board to endeavor to remove it in accordance with the rule prescribed by our Lord in Matthew's gospel, and, if such effort should fail, to report the case to the church.  They shall also propose any revision of the roll of members which they may deem best, including the removal of delinquents from the roll.

The Deacons shall elect one of their number to be Secretary of the Board of Deacons.

A meeting of the Board of Deacons may be convened at any time on the call of the Pastor or any two members of the Board.

Section 3.  The Deaconesses shall act with the Pastor and Deacons as a Visiting Committee, ministering to the sick and unfortunate and distressed, and together with the Deacons shall relieve the worthy poor.   A general report of their work shall be given at the annual meeting.

Section 4.  The Trustees shall have supervision over all the financial affairs of the church (other than the benevolences), and shall have charge of and care for the property of the church, and shall, in addition to other duties, appoint ushers and provide suitable music for the public worship, and attend to any other business that may be assigned them by the church.

Immediately after the annual meeting of the church, they shall convene and organize by electing one of their number to be chairman of the Board, who shall preside at all meetings of the Board and in his official capacity, shall sign all deeds, contracts, notes or other instruments which he may be properly authorized and directed to execute by and on behalf of the church or its trustees.

At each annual meeting of the church they shall submit a report of the business transacted by them during the year and, as far as possible, show the financial condition of the church, and also present an estimate of the probable expenses for the ensuing year.

Section 5.  The Clerk shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the church, and a list of the members and baptized children and make a report thereof at the annual meeting of the church.  He shall be ex officio Clerk of the Board of Trustees and shall keep an accurate record of the doings of said Board, and shall countersign all deeds, contracts, notes, or other instruments which he may be authorized and directed to execute by and on behalf of the church or its trustees, and shall perform such other duties as the Board may require. He shall have custody of the corporate seal of the church.

The Clerk shall have power, at his discretion, to appoint an assistant to aid him in his duties.

Section 6.  The Financial Secretary shall receive all collections and revenues of the church and shall pay over the same to the Treasurer, indicating to what fund the same belongs, taking his receipt therefor.  He shall keep an accurate account with each subscriber to the support of the church or its benevolences and shall render a report as to subscriptions and receipts to the Trustees at each meeting of the Board, if required, and to the church at the annual meeting, and at any ether time the church may require.

Section 7.  The Treasurer shall credit all the money turned over to him by the financial Secretary to the various funds to which it belongs.  He shall transmit all special funds to the object for which they were intended without delay, taking a proper receipt therefor. He shall not pay out any of the general benevolence fund, except upon an order drawn on him by the Secretary of the Board of Deacons, and he shall not pay out any funds belonging to the church, except upon an order drawn' on him, signed by the Clerk, and specifying the fund out of which such order is to be paid.

Section 8.  The Sunday School shall be under the care and direction of the Superintendent, and he shall make a. report of its condition and progress at the annual meeting of the church.

Section 9.  The Prudential Committee shall investigate all objects on behalf Of which requests are made for benevolent contributions, and no cause or object for which a contribution is requested shall be presented to the church without the consent previously obtained of the said committee, and they shall in general have a care to the prudential affairs of the church. They may be convened at any time on the call of the Pastor or any two members of the committee.  Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum.  The Secretary of the Board of Deacons Shall be ex officio Secretary of the Prudential Committee.



Section 1.  The annual meeting of the church shall be held at 10 o'clock in the forenoon on the first day of January, except when said day shall fall on Sunday, when it shall be held on the succeeding Monday.

Notice of the annual meeting of the church shall be given at the morning services on the last two Sundays preceding the annual meeting.                                     .

Section 2.  Special business meetings of the church may be held at any time on the call of the Pastor, the Deacons, the Trustees, or of the Clerk on the written request of three (3) members.  Notice of special meetings shall be given at all stated meetings of the church held within five  (5) day’s previous to such special meetings.  A brief statement of the matters to be brought before such meeting shall be incorporated in such notice.

Section 3.  The regular Sunday morning and evening services of the church, the regular Wednesday evening prayer meeting and the bi-monthly preparatory lecture shall constitute and be known as the stated meetings of the church.


The salary of the Pastor, or any change therein, shall be determined by a majority of the persona entitled to vote in the election of officers, at a meeting called for that purpose, or at the annual meeting; and such salary, when fixed, shall be ratified by the Trustees, or a majority of them, and thereupon shall be ordered paid by the Trustees out of the revenues of the church in monthly installments.



This constitution may be amended at the annual meeting of the church by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present entitled to vote in the election of officers, the proposed amendment having been introduced at a preparatory lecture held not later than the first Sunday in November, and notice thereof having been incorporated in the notice given of the annual meeting.


  I.     Any member of this church removing to another place is expected to ask for a letter of dismissal and recommendation to some other Evangelical church within one year after removal.  Any person neglecting to ask for a letter of dismissal as aforesaid may be admonished by the Board of Deacons in such manner as may be deemed expedient.

II.     Applications for membership and requests for letters of dismissal and recommendation may be acted on at any stated meeting of the church.

III.     The Lord's Supper shall be celebrated on the first Sunday in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November, unless postponed by the Board of Deacons.  The preparatory lecture shall be held at such time during the week preceding the celebration of the Lord's Supper as may be determined by the Board of Deacons.

IV.     The Pastor shall be ex officio Chairman of the Board of Deacons and of the Prudential Committee, and if present shall be moderator at all meetings of the church) except the annual meeting and special business meetings.

V.     Any member whom the church may elect shall act as moderator at the annual meeting and at special business meetings of the church.

VI.     At least one month before the annual meeting of the church the Board of Trustees shall appoint two members of the church an Auditing Committee, who shall carefully examine the books, papers and vouchers of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer, and present a report of their findings to the church at the annual meeting.

VII.     Any matter of business of the church introduced by the Pastor, the Board of Deacons, or the Prudential Committee may be considered and acted on at any stated meeting of the church without previous notice.

VIII.     Stated meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held at such place or places as a majority of the Board shall elect, on the second Monday evening of each month at 7:30 o'clock, or at such other times as a majority of the Board may decide.

IX.     At all business meetings of the church ten  (10) members entitled to vote on the questions to be considered shall constitute a quorum, but a less number may adjourn.

X.     No expense shall be incurred which shall be chargeable to the church, unless previously authorized by the Board of Trustees, and the Clerk shall not draw an order on the Treasurer to pay any bill until such bill shall have been duly audited by said Board.

XI.     The offices of Financial Secretary and Treasurer shall not be filled by one and the same person.

XII.     The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the church in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the constitution or by-laws of the church.

XIII.     The following shall be the order of business at the annual meeting of the church:

1.     Appointing moderator and, if necessary, of a clerk pro tem.

2.     Prayer.

3.     Reading record.

4.     Reports of officers and committees.

5.     Election of officers.

6.     Unfinished, business.

7.     New, business.

8.     Benediction or prayer.

XIV.     These by-laws may be amended at the annual meeting or at any special business meeting of the church by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present entitled to vote in the election of officers, provided the proposed amendment is introduced at a stated meeting of the church held at least one month previous to the time action is taken thereon, and provided notice that each amendment will be acted on is incorporated in the notice given of the holding of such annual or special business meeting.


The following Statement of Belief was adopted by the church some years ago, and is to be used as a testimony rather than as a test.  It goes into greater detail in theology than many would care now to go.  It is given for guidance and not as a test of fitness for church membership.  It is not to be expected that a person at the beginning of his Christian life shall have worked out so complete a system of theology; especially is it not supposed that a young person shall have done so.  A man without a creed is worthless, but a creed to be of Value must be largely a growth out of ones own experience in walking with God.

Congregationalism insists only upon the doctrines which are fundamental, and tolerates wide differences of opinion upon those of minor importance.  The earliest churches were founded on covenants rather than creeds.  A covenant is an avowal of a purpose, while a creed is the expression of a belief.   A covenant places the chief emphasis on allegiance to Jesus Christ.  Our covenant does not require assent to a specific creed outside of itself.

We ask only a faithful study of our doctrines in the light of the Scripture.  For that purpose this creed is given.  Our Covenant is simple and implies the rule of the spirit rather than of the letter.  Its faithful keeping is urged upon all our members as the way in which we grow in righteousness and usefulness.



I.     We believe in one God, the Father Almighty) Maker of heaven and. earth, and of all things visible and invisible; And in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who is of one substance with the Father; by whom all things were made; And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life, who is sent from the Father and Son, and who together with the Father and Son is worshiped and glorified.

II.     We believe that the Providence of God, by which he executes his eternal purposes in the government of the world, is in and over all events; yet so that the freedom and responsibility of man are not impaired, and sin is the act of the creature alone.

III.     We believe that man was made in the image of God, that he might know, love, and obey God, and enjoy him forever; that our first parents by disobedience fell under the righteous condemnation God; and that all men are so alienated from God that there is o salvation from guilt and the power of sin except through God's redeeming grace.

IV.     We believe that God would have all men return to him; that to this end he has made himself known, not only through works of nature, the course of his providence, and the consciences of men, but also through supernatural revelations made especially to a chosen people, and above all, when the fulness of time was come, through Jesus Christ, His Son.

V.     We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the record of God's revelation of Himself in the work of redemption; that they were written by men under special guidance of the Holy Spirit; that they are able to make wise unto salvation; and that they constitute an authoritative standard by which religious teaching and human conduct are to be regulated and judged.

VI.     We believe that the love of God to sinful men has found its highest expression in the redemptive work of his Son; who became man, uniting his divine nature with our human nature in one person; who WAS tempted like other men, yet without sin; who, by his humiliation, his holy obedience, his sufferings, his death on the cross, and his resurrection, became a perfect Redeemer, whose sacrifice of himself for the sing of the world declares the righteousness of God, - and is the sole and sufficient ground of forgiveness and of reconciliation with him.

VII.     We "believe that Jesus Christ, after he had risen from the dead, ascended into heaven, where, as the one Mediator between God and man, he carries forward his work of saving men, that he sends the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin and to lead them to repentance and faith; find that those who through renewing grace turn to righteousness, and trust in Jesus Christ as their Redeemer, receive for his sake the forgiveness of their sins, and are made the children of God.

VIII.     We believe that those who are thug regenerated and justified grow in sanctified character through fellowship with Christ, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and obedience to the truth; that a holy life is the fruit and evidence of saving faith; and that the believer's hope of continuance in such a life is in the preserving grace of God.

IX.     We believe that Jesus Christ came to establish among men the kingdom of God, the reign of truth and love, righteousness and peace; that to Jesus Christ the Head of this Kingdom, Christians are directly responsible in faith and conduct; and that lo him all have immediate access without mediatorial or priestly intervention.

X.     We believe that the Church of Christ, invisible and spiritual, comprises all true believers, whose duty it is to associate themselves in churches, for the maintenance of worship, for the promotion of spiritual growth and fellowship, and for the conversion of men; that these churches, under the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and in fellowship with one another, may determine—each for itself—their organization, statements of belief, and forms of worship; may appoint and set apart their own ministers, and should cooperate in the work which Christ has committed to them for the furtherance of the gospel throughout the world.

XI.     We believe in the observance of the Lord's Day, as a day of holy rest and worship; in the ministry of the Word; and in the two Sacraments, which Christ has appointed for his Church; Baptism to be administered as the sign of cleansing from sin, of union to Christ, and of the impartation of the Holy Spirit; and the lord's Slipper as » symbol of his atoning death, a seal of its efficacy, and a means whereby He confirms and strengthens the spiritual union and communion of believers with himself.

XII.     We believe in the ultimate prevalence of the kingdom of Christ over all the earth; in the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ; in the resurrection of the dead; and in ft final judgment, the issues of which are everlasting punishment, and everlasting life.



(The candidates for admission on confession of faith coming, as their names are read, before the congregation, the minister may repeat the following or other Scripture passages:)

"What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward net I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.  I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all his people."

"Whosoever, therefore, shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father, which is m heaven.  But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father, which is in heaven."

"For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

(Then the minister shall address them as follows:)

Dearly Beloved:  Called of God to be his children through Jesus Christ our Lord, you are here to confess the Lord Jesus Christ, and to enter into the communion and fellowship of his church.

Realizing your need of a Saviour, you sincerely repent of your sins, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation; you consecrate yourselves unto God, and your lives to his service.

Believing in the Bible as the word of God and the only sufficient guide to life eternal, and promising a. faithful study of the same; and of the teachings of this church in the light of the scriptures, you join with us and with multitudes of the followers of Christ in ages past, in this confession of the early church.


(The church and candidates shall join the minister in saying;)

"I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ his only son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; the third day he rose from the dead; he ascended into heaven and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.  I believe in the Holy Spirit; the Holy Church Universal, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the dead, and the life everlasting.  Amen."

Thus confessing the Father Almighty, your Maker and Keeper; the Lord Jesus Christ, your Savior and Master, and the Holy Spirit, as your Guide into the truth, to be your God; and trusting in his sovereign grace and power, in the presence of God and this assembly you now fully and cordially enter into everlasting covenant with God and his people?

Answer:  I do.

"The mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on you."

"The foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal: the Lord knoweth them that are his; and let everyone that nameth the name of Christ, depart from iniquity."


All they who would be Christ's disciples are commanded to confess him in baptism.

You who were consecrated to God in your childhood in the ordinance of infant baptism, do in this covenant declare your personal acceptance of that act.

You who have not been baptized -will now receive baptism as a symbol of the presence of the purifying and renewing power of the Holy Spirit in your lives and as a seal of your covenant with God.

(After baptism has been administered the names of those who unite by letter shall be read and they will come forward and with those uniting on confession of faith, enter into covenant with the church.)

You whom the confidence of sister churches has commended to our care, we welcome you to our fellowship, and ask you to join with us now in our covenant of church fellowship and Christian love.


You promise that you will henceforth faithfully endeavor to keep God's commandments, and to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in all things; to walk with his disciples in faith; and denying all ungodliness and worldly lusts, to live righteously in this present world, looking for the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

And you do further promise, that as members of this church of Christ, you will faithfully endeavor to honor it in your conduct and life; to give diligent attendance upon its public services and ordinances; to encourage and sustain by your presence, whenever practicable, its meetings for prayer; to contribute of your means, as God may prosper you for its support and its benevolence; to labor and pray for its increase, purity, and peace; and to walk with its members in love, seeking and improving opportunities to minister  to them.

Trusting in the grace of God, you thus covenant and engage?

Answer:  I do.


(Here the members of the church shall rise.)

We, then, the members of this church, do affectionately welcome you into this household of faith.  We pledge to you our sympathy, our help, and our prayers that you may evermore increase in the knowledge and love of God. We trust that by his grace we may all walk worthy of the calling, wherewith we were called, with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; giving diligence to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace.  God grant that, loving and being loved, serving and beings served, blessing and being blessed, we may be prepared while we dwell together on earth for the perfect fellowship of the saints above.

In token of our welcome and as a, pledge of our Christian sympathy and love, we give you the hand of fellowship in the church of Christ.

(Here the minister shall take each member by the hand, or, if the number be large, he may give the hand to one, for all.)

Being confident of this very thing, that He, which hath begun a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

"Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God, our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever."


"Now, unto him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us; unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world without end."  Amen.


In keeping with the custom in churches of our order It is to be expected that many who have been blessed in our church and her service, will want to help carry on her work among coming generations after they themselves are at rest from their earthly labors.  That is a great and blessed privilege.   Our church has already received a number of legacies from those who thought it so.  Deacon Richard Gilbert left three of the benevolent societies $1,410.  Mr. Merrick left the church $300, which helped to buy our organ.  Mrs. Homing left $950, the income to be her contribution to the work of the Woman's Missionary Society.

Just now, when we are planning a fund for a new building, is a very opportune time for such generous gifts.  To those who are thus minded the following form of bequest is commended:

I give and bequeath to The First Congregational Church of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, the sum of  ................……………………..Dollars, and request and direct my executor.... to pay this bequest as soon as there are funds in ...……........ hands available out of which payment thereof may be made.


Maiden names of married women in italics.
Residence, if in Wauwatosa, indicated by street number only.

Abel, Sarah A., Chatfield                         560 22d Ave., Milwaukee
Allen, Elizabeth, Thomas (G. G.)        3226 Chestnut St., Milwaukee
Allen, Elizabeth                                   3226 Chestnut St., Milwaukee
Allen, Gardner Phillip                         3226 Chestnut St., Milwaukee
Allen, George G.                                 3226 Chestnut St., Milwaukee
Anderson. Frank E                                                   545 Second Ave.
Anderson, Janet McArthur (F. E.)                           545 Second Ave.
Austin. Charles D.                                                            Milwaukee


Baker, Henrietta Estabrook (James)                           212 Church St.
Barnekow, Emma Freda                                    R. R. 13, Wauwatosa
Barnekow, Frank C.                              Blue Mound Road (R. R. 13)
Barnekow, Otto C.                                Blue Mound Road (R. R. 13)
Benson, Frances H.                                                      351 Church St.
Bigsby, Katherine (Edgar)                                      243 Wisconsin St.
Blodgett, May Lucy                                                                 Asylum
Blum, May Maud Crockett (Barney)                          Forsythe, Mont.
Breed. Allen Albert                                                 120 Warren Ave.
Breed, Marion F. (Chas. A.)                                    120 Warren Ave.
Brouwer. Stephen J.                                               22 Kenwood Ave.
Brouwer, Elizabeth Ellis (S. J.)                             22 Kenwood Ave.

Cain, John                                                                303 Kenyon Ave.
Cain, Lydia                                                              303 Kenyon Ave.
Case, May Mervin (S. L.)                        7007 Nat. Ave., West Allis
Cavanaugh, Anna Sendt (James)                                     245 6th Ave.
Chase, Charles                                                       225 E. Milwaukee
Chase, Elsie Hemsing (Chas.)                               225 E. Milwaukee
Chatfleld, Catherine Mabel                         226 23rd St., Milwaukee
Chatfleld, Lorena                                         226 23rd St., Milwaukee
Clapp, Alice Isabel                                                    92 Hadley Ave.
Clapp, Aniue Horne (W. A.)                                      92 Hadley Ave.
Clapp, Carol Agnes                                                    92 Hadley Ave.
Clapp, Wardlaw Ansel                                               92 Hadley Ave.
Cook, Edward W                                305 Greenbush St., Milwaukee
Cooley, Dwight A.                                                        370 First Ave.
Cooley, Mary B. Nash (D. A.)                                      370 First Ave.
Copeland, Jennie                                              76 E. Milwaukee Ave.
Cundall, William Rollo                                              282 N. Main St.
Cundall, Mary Lewis (W. R.)                                     282 N. Main St.

Damon, Aurinda (C. W.)                                              62 W. Main St.
Damon, Cyrus W                                                          62 W. Main St.
Davelaar, Dr. Garrett W                              4138 Lisbon, Milwaukee
Davelaar, Gilbert John                                                     Spring Ave.
Davelaar, Elizabeth Erickson {G. J.)                               Spring Ave.
Davelaar, William                                                            Spring Ave.
Davelaar, Minnie Kerpestein (Wm.)                                Spring Ave.
De Swartz, Thomas                                                 567 Western Ave.
De Swarte, Donita E. Crockett (Thos.)                   567 Western Ave.
Dittmar, Edna Irene                                              247 Wisconsin Ave.
Durbin, Frances Helen                                       440 Wauwatosa Ave.
Durbin, Melinda Downs (F. H.)                         440 Wauwatosa Ave.
Durbin, Margaret Jessie                                     440 Wauwatosa Ave.
Dyaart, Lula, May                                               423 Wauwatosa Ave.
Dysart, Carrie Lee                                              423 Wauwatosa Ave.

Earls, Mary S.                                                             252 N. Main St.

Ferguson, Edna Rea                                                  405 Second Ave.
Ferguson, Emma Newman (T. J.)                             405 Second Ave.
Fisher, Nancy Matilda Swan (Chas.)                 North Ave. (R.R. 13)
Fowler, Lucy Ann Breed (G. H.)                                 405 Third Ave.
Frost, Mary Priscilla Clapp (Wesley)                      Washington D.C.

Garvens, Edwin                                                                   406 Third
Garvens, Louis                                                    R. R. 12, Brookfield
Garvens, Lamira                                                 R. R. 12, Brookfield
Gilbert, Elizabeth Orendorf (Myron)                         225 W. Main St.
Gilbert, Glenway Dillingham                              R. R. 2, Harvard, Ill.
Gilbert, Jesse D.                                                                 North Ave.
Gilbert, Kate Dillingham (J. D.)                                        North Ave.
Gilbert, Kate Evelyn                                                          North Ave.
Gilbert, Mary Emily                                                           North Ave.
Gilbert, Mary Esther Fisher (H. P.)                                   North Ave.
Gilbert, Rachel Maud                                                         North Ave.
Gilbert, Richard                                                                 North Ave.
Gillette, Elsie                                                          48 W. Milwaukee
Gillette, Marie A. Bigsby (Chas.)                           48 W. Milwaukee
Gillette, Ruth Mildred                                             48 W. Milwaukee
Godfrey, Charles                                                                N. Main St.
Godfrey, Edwin R.                                                      277 N. Main St.
Godfrey, Edwin R„ Jr.                                            198 E. Milwaukee
Godfrey, Florence E. Swan (B. R., Jr.)                   198 E. Milwaukee
Godfrey, Isabella Rogers (E. R.)                                 277 N. Main St.
Godfrey, James D.                                                        Calumet, Mich.
Godfrey, Marion Susan                                           198 E. Milwaukee
Godfrey, Paul Swan                                                198 E. Milwaukee
Godfrey, Roscoe Wyman.                     3120 Chestnut St., Milwaukee
Godfrey, William A.                                         51 E. Milwaukee Ave.
Goodrich, Grace                                                            Oberlin, Ohio
Goodrich, Sarah B. Clapp (Chauncey)                                       China
Grassie, Mary A. (T.G.)                                                394 Fifth Ave.
Gregg, Arthur S.                                        214 Biddle St., Milwaukee
Gregg, Marion Rogers (A.W.)                                   West Allis, Wis.
Gregg, Eliza Belle                                                       292 N. Main St.
Gregg, Eliza Carter (L.B.)                                          292 N. Main St.
Gregg, Grace Marion                                                  292 N. Main St.
Gregg, Jefferson                                                            358 Church St.
Gregg, Rhoda Jane Parker (Jefferson)                          358 Church St.
Gregg, Ruby Louise Breed (Augustus)                          Pasadena, Cal.
Gridley, Benjamin Fisher                                    R. R. 13, North Ave.
Gridley, Laura Elizabeth Gilbert (O.L.)              R. R. 13, North Ave.
Gridley, Leander V.                                                  Birmingham, Ala.
Gridley, Margaret Evelyn                                                   North Ave.
Gridley, Ruth Gladys                                                          North Ave.

Hammond, Theodore M.                                                  80 Center St.
Hammond, Fannie Merrick (T.M.)                                  80 Center St.
Hammond, Lewis Merrick                                               80 Center St.
Hammond, Ralph Perry                                                    80 Center St.
Hardy, Nina Edith                                                       Waukesha, Wis.
Hart, Everett Clarion                                                   92 Warren Ave.
Hart, Margaret                                                        Deer Lodge, Mont.
Hart, Ruby A. Butler (W.A.)                                       92 Warren Ave.
Hart, William A.                                                         92 Warren Ave.
Hathaway, Ella Pierce (D.G.)                                139 Kavanaugh Pl.
Hemsing, Henry Paul                                                 565 Wauwatosa
Hopeman, Cornelia W. Wheeler (D.C.)                     Rochester, N.Y.
Horning, Elizabeth Florence                                              92 W. Main
Horning, Mary Groth (Clarence)                                       92 W. Main
Hoyt, Alice Hart (Dermitt)                                         306 Wauwatosa
Humphrey, Jessie Scofield (W.P.)                                   120 W. Main

Johnson, Bertha Hargrave (Joseph)                           490 Fourth Ave.
Johnson, Joseph                                                         490 Fourth Ave.

Keating, Emma Barnekow                                                  West Allis
Kearney, Edward J.                                                   395 Second Ave
Kearney, Ellen Morton (E. J.)                                   395 Second Ave
Kelley, Andrew C.                                                       258 Church St.
Kelley, Ethel B. Tanquary (A. C.)                               258 Church St.
Kellogg, Alonzo F                                                        250 Church St.
Kellogg, Harriet N. DeGraff (A. F.)                            250 Church St.
Kinney, Clinton Jesse                                                         North Ave.
Kinney, Vernon                                                                   North Ave.
Kinney, Emma M. Gilbert (Vernon)                                   North Ave.
Kinney, Helen May                                                             North Ave.
Kinney, Mabel Swan                                                           North Ave.
Kirchoff, Mabel Gilbert (Charles)                                   52 E. Center
Knowles, Mabel M. Hopkins (Frank)   291 Farwell Ave. Milwaukee
Kurtz, Adolph Lawrie                                                      157 Garfield
Kurtz, Mary Lawrie (G. A.)                                             157 Garfield 

LeFeber, May McCord (Cornelius )                   239 Wauwatosa Ave.
Leisk, Henry                                                                           Irvington
Leiak, Catherine A. Tainsh (Henry)                                       Irvington
Lewis, Dwight B.                                                      Indianapolis, Ind.
Lewis, Mary E. (Edward)                             505 Cass St., Milwaukee
Lewis, Robert Gray                        3236 McKinley Boul., Milwaukee
Loomis, Charles Warren                                                        Alice St.
Loveland, Clara Lena                                              155 E. Milwaukee
Loveland, Grace Ellen                                             155 E. Milwaukee
Loveland, Laura Abbie                                            155 E. Milwaukee
Lyman, Ernest W.                                                                  Church St.
Lyman, Edith Stoddard (E.W.)                                              Church St.
Lyman, Marie Lucile                                                             Church St.


McDermott, Margaret A.                                               259 Sixth Ave.
McGill, Susan E. Hathaway (A.W.)                                Austin, Minn.
Meyer, Alice Elizabeth Carlton (B.H.)                     Washington, D.C.
Moorehouse, Mary E. (W.D.)                                              Heber, Cal.
Moorehouse, Dr. G. W.                                                       Heber, Cal.
Moorehouse, Katherine Miles (G.W.)                                 Heber, Cal.
Morton, Frederick L.                                                         284 N. Main
Morton, Pearl Colby (F.L.)                                               284 N. Main
Morton, Dr. Harry G.                                                        284 N. Main
Morton, Helen Godfrey (H.G.)                                         284 N. Main
Mower, Henry Payson                                                         North Ave.
Mower, Lydia Gilbert (H.T.)                                              North Ave.
Mower, Theresa M.                                                             North Ave.
Munn, Jennie May (C.J.)                                                   244 N. Main
Myers, Addison B.                                                   183 E. Milwaukee
Myers, Anna M. Farrar (A.B.)                                183 E. Milwaukee
Myers, Harvey Addison                                           183 E. Milwaukee
Myers, Jacob Oliver                                                 123 E. Milwaukee
Myers, Laura A. Chapman (J.O.)                             123 E. Milwaukee
Myers, Mary Lydia                                                   123 E. Milwaukee
Myers, Oliver Bigelow                                  352 22nd St., Milwaukee 

Nash, John M.                                                     377 Wauwatosa Ave.
Nash, Christine Baker (J.M.)                              377 Wauwatosa Ave.
Nash, Martha                                                       377 Wauwatosa Ave.
Needham, Arthur                                                 R. R. 14, Wauwatosa
Needham, Louisa                                                 R. R. 14, Wauwatosa
Nethercut, William R.                                                        110 Warren
Nethercut, Helen Warren (W.R.)                                       110 Warren
Nethercut, Ruth Bell                                                           110 Warren
Nethercut, William R., Jr.                                                   110 Warren
Nethercut, Marjorie Warren                                               110 Warren
Nickerson, Frances Warren (Harold)                      Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Nickerson, Miriam                                                   Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Newton, Lula Pearl Shaw (Chas.)                              Middleton, Mich.

Osborn, Hattie M. Hodges (J.A)                                  115 Kavanaugh

Paine, Obed Wilson                                             77th Ave., West Allis
Paine, Alvira Guild (O.W.)                                 77th Ave., West Allis
Paine, Gertrude Ethel                                           77th Ave., West Allis
Paine, Mabel Augusta                                          77th Ave., West Allis
Palmer, Orange S.                                                           336 First Ave.
Pares, Julia Roe (E.B.)                                                       Chicago, Ill.
Pavy, Edward Ferguson                                               Anaconda, Mont.
Pavy, George Lester                                                      Missoula, Mont.
Pease, Emma Nunns (L.S.)                                            520 Wauwatosa
Pedrick, Mary Brown (Cyrus)                                            277 Alice St.
Perry, Charles Stanley                                               130 E. Milwaukee
Peterson, Jennie M.                                                       112 W. Main St.
Porter, Arthur Norris                                                       401 Fifth Ave.
Porter, Margaret Dunn (C.G.)                                         401 Fifth Ave.
Porter, Alice H.                                                    505 Wauwatosa Ave.
Porter, Charles Milton                                          505 Wauwatosa Ave.
Porter, Milton B.                                                   505 Wauwatosa Ave.
Porter, Jennie Church (M.B.)                               505 Wauwatosa Ave.
Porter, Marion Elizabeth                                       505 Wauwatosa Ave.
Powell, Griffith                                           Government Ave., R. R. 13
Powell, Jane Williams (Griffith)                 Government Ave., R. R. 13

Rice, Harriet E.                                                     168 Greenfield Ave.
Robertson, William                                                            Rogers Ave.
Robertson, Jessie Brownlee (Wm.)                                    Rogers Ave.
Roddis, Agnes B. Young (E.J.)                                   321 Seventh Ave.
Roddis, Edna Jean                                                      321 Seventh Ave.
Rogers, Benjamin Charles                                             Okauchee, Wis.
Rogers, Emma B. Taylor (L.C.)                          Sixth & E. Milwaukee
Rogers, Harriet A. Thompson (Jeremiah)                 Blue Mound Road
Rogers, Helen Webster (J.P.)                                              Potter Road
Rogers, Isabel                                                            Blue Mound Road
Rogers, Jeremiah                                                       Blue Mound Road
Rogers, Josephine Taylor                                        Minneapolis, Minn.
Rogers, Katherine Fay                                             Minneapolis, Minn.
Rogers, Marian Taylor                                       Sixth & E. Milwaukee.
Rogers, Mary Lois                                                                     Asylum
Rood, Frank J.                                                            Los Angeles, Cal.
Rood, Emma H. (F.J.)                                                Los Angeles, Cal.
Russell, Winifred E. Griswold (Glen)                                  West Allis 

Schmitt, Laura S. Hemsing (F.R.)                                  225 Wisconsin
Schuri, Gertrude Dodd (Carl)                                                  Oshkosh
Schwank, lrma Matilda                                                        West Main
Shaw, Luella Jessie Deyo (C. H.)                               605 Wauwatosa
Skinner, Isabel Elder                                                    258 St. Charles
Skinner, James Martin.                                                 258 St. Charles
Skinner, Mary Low (J. M.)                                           258 St. Charles
Smeaton, Ella M.Davelaar (W. H.)                                   Spring Ave.
Stevens, Alice Harlow (F. A.)                                         29 Kenwood
Swan, Alvin H                                                                     Swan Ave.
Swan, Frank E.                                                                     Swan Ave.
Swan, David More                                                               North Ave.
Swan, Clara McGill (D. M.)                                                North Ave.
Swan, Eleanor McCord                                           Haven Green Farm
Swan, Emery A.                                                           Fair View Farm
Swan, Emery Earling                                                   Fair View Farm
Swan, Henrietta Johnson (E. E.)                                 Fair View Farm
Swan, Hannah Gilbert (N.J.)                      R. R.6, Sta. B., Milwaukee
Swan, Harriet Isabel                                                    Fair View Farm
Swan, Robert Gilbert                                                   Fair View Farm
Swan, Nathaniel Jesse                                             Haven Green Farm
Swan, Orlin J                                                           Haven Green Farm
Swan, Clara E. Blodgett (0. J.)                               Haven Green Farm 

Taylor, Cornelius                                                            78 West Main
Taylor, Catherine Martin (Cornelius)                            78 West Main
Taylor, Eloise                                                                 78 West Main
Taylor, Mary Edith Jacobs (W. G.)                                    Homewood
Temple, Annie Marion Jacobs                                     135 Kavanaugh
Temple, Sarah Elizabeth                                               St. Louis, Mo.
Tennessen, Jacob J.                                                           263 Kenyon
Tennessen, Addie Belle Ernst                                           263 Kenyon
Tennessen, Esther Adella                                                   263 Kenyon
Tennessen, Myrtle Luella                                                   263 Kenyon
Tragard, Cora Fowler Morton (Rudolph)                         290 Kenyon
Tully, Edna                                                                           68 Rogers
Tully, Gertrude                                                                     68 Rogers
Tully, Maud E. Gilbert                                                         68 Rogers
Twinem, Margaret Ann Kuntz                        742 36th St., Milwaukee 

Vandercook, Royal Henry                        913 Mineral St., Milwaukee
VanVechten, Maria W. Rogers (E.T.)                           2719 Wells St. 

Wade, Charles G.                                                               399 Church
Wade, Clara Warren (C. G.)                                              399 Church
Wade, Esther                                                                      399 Church
Wade, Jeannette                                                                  399 Church
Wade, Mabel                                                                      399 Church
Wade, Warren C.                                                                399 Church
Wales, Mary C.                                                     R. R. 12, Brookfield
Warren, Anna L. Hoppin (Luther)                                      110 Warren
Warren, Carrie G.                                                               85 W. Main
Watner, Henry                                                              374 Wauwatosa
Watner, Emma Clapp (Henry)                                      374 Wauwatosa
Watner, Grace Olena                                                    374 Wauwatosa
Watner, Roy                                                    498 34th St., Milwaukee
Waugh, Charles D.                                                              152 Warren
Waugh, Mary A. Barber (C. D.)                                         152 Warren
Weber, Adella K. Porter (W. G.)                                Santa Cruz, Cal.
Weinbrenner, Ellen Isabel Gilbert (A.H.)                            North Ave.
Wendel, Hattie E. Forrest (W.C.)                                        Milwaukee
Wheeler, John M.                                                                 Milwaukee
Wheeler, Mabel Gregg (L. G. )                            395 Wauwatosa Ave.
Wood, Jessie                                                        211 Wauwatosa Ave.
Wood, Jessie McRae (A. J.)                                 211 Wauwatosa Ave.
Wood, Katherine                                                   211 Wauwatosa Ave.
Wright, Eugene Turner                                          383 Wauwatosa Ave.
Wright, Hattie G. Nash (E. T.)                             383 Wauwatosa, Ave.
Wright, Irene Turner (W. H.)                                               Milwaukee