Year in Review 2000

Report of the Moderator

Report of the Minister

Church Clerk's Report

Digest of 157th Annual Meeting of January 19, 2000

Proposed Budget for 2001

Report of the Moderator

In June I took office as your Moderator.  I addressed the Congregation and wrote an article for The Columns on my expectations for the coming 12 months.  Although Long Range Planning and the Stewardship Campaign have been delayed, the church is moving forward.  That movement is a reflection of the contributions many have made as leaders and volunteers and that the staff has made.

In January the Congregation approved changes to the by-laws which served to reduce the sizes of certain Boards and Committees.  In addition a change was made in our church year by moving the elections to May rather than January.  These changes reflected the need to offer less time intensive volunteer opportunities for church members, but increase the variety of opportunities for service.  Frankly, the Nominating Committee had experienced difficulty filling the 3 year terms on those Boards and Committees with people that could attend and contribute regularly.

The Music Committee and Lee Jacobi established a very well received Sunday afternoon concert series featuring accomplished performers.  The winter series will continue in 2001.

In February and March Chris Rygh and the CE Board spent many hours evaluating, then changing aspects of the youth ministry program.  Many changes were applauded, some (11 a.m. Sunday School) drew mixed reviews.  The dialogue proved healthy. Further evaluation will be had in the year 2001.

"Breakfast with the Girls" debuted last spring and exceeded all expectations.  "Breakfasts" are continuing into 2001 on the first Saturday of each month.  Crowds have been over 100 at times.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has even covered the event.

Basement renovation went forward culminating in the dedication of the "lower level" in October.  The results were outstanding.  The donations of time and money were significant.  We hope we can complete the remaining phase of the area in the not too distant future. Take a tour if you haven't already done so.

The Church Council accepted the resignation of our Senior Minister, Lonnie Richardson, in October.  The decision prompted many of you to write letters, call me, and send me e-mails.  In response to your requests the Church Council encouraged the congregation to attend its November 28 Council meeting which included a report from the Personnel Committee describing the process which led to Lonnie's resignation.  We, as Congregationalists, had an open dialogue about the process.  Concerns expressed at the meeting were heard.  Those concerns will be addressed over the next several months by the Long Range Planning Committee.

Our Stewardship Campaign started in December, thus I cannot report on final numbers until the Annual Meeting on January 21.  I can say that many of you responded to the last minute notice that we were falling short of our budgeted needs for 2000.  It took only a note from our Treasurers to stimulate a generous response from you.

I have learned a lot over the past six months. I have appreciated how many masters have to be served by Lonnie, Kathy, Chris and Charlie. As your Moderator and on your behalf I thank each of them for their contributions to the spiritual growth of each of us. Thanks are also in order for our terrific staff led by Rani Gusho. We will have added several new faces between our May election meeting and the 2001 Annual Meeting including Sally Boyle, Anne Callen, Nancy Grundle, Hans Knoff and Rich Raymond. They are most welcome additions. We have been blessed with siginificant contributions by the lay leadership and volunteers of this church in 2000. I look forward to the final six months of my tenure as your Moderator with the hope that each of you will offer the best you have to our church and our Master.

Steve Hayes, Moderator

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Report of the Minister for 2000

There was no written report from the Senior Minister for the year 2000.  With the acceptance of his resignation in November 2000, the church is now in an active search for a new Senior Minister for our congregation.

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Church Clerk's Report


as of Dec. 31, 1999                            1265
Members deceased                                17
Members transferred                              18
Members deleted (7/18/00)                   73
Total removed -                                   108
New Members Received
Covenant Class               8
May 7, 2000                  18
November 12, 2000      34
Total received                                      60
Total Membership
     as of December 31, 2000            1217
Ministerial Services
Baptisms                                 33
Weddings                                15
Funerals and Memorial Services
    Members                            16
    Non-Members                      2
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Minutes of the 157th Annual Meeting January 19, 2000

Moderator Merrill York called the 157th Annual Meeting to order.

A motion was made and approved to accept the minutes of the 156th Annual Meeting as printed. Diane Houriet summarized the Treasurer's Report and reviewed schedules showing the differences in financial position in 1998 and 1999 reports. The Building Renovation Fund is now $112,635.

Charlie Nelson, Administrator of Congregational Home reported on a complete kitchen renovation which will take 8 to 10 months at over one million dollars. By early fall, C.H. plans to have data supporting the assertion of its top quality care.

David Swanson and Rev. Lonnie Richardson made a presentation to two people who have shared their gifts for 25 years: Lee Jacobi, Music Director and Betty Dethmers, Organist. Letters from Rev. Philip Muth, Rev. Robert Wilch and Rev. Norman Ream commended Lee and Betty for their fine work.

Long Range Planning Committee was next with "Proposed Changes to the By-Laws of FCC." A motion will be asked for from the floor to accept changes. After much discussion and questions, changes in italics and strikeouts are as follows:

This section was expanded 19-Feb-2001 to fully document the By-Law changes which were cut short during the creation of the Digest Form previously published.

1) Page 2: C. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERSHIP: The Church shall have an Annual Meeting, to be held on the Wednesday which falls between the 16th and 22nd of January in each year a Sunday in January of each year.  At such Meeting, the Active Members shall elect such Officers, members of the
Council, Boards, and the Nominating Committee as are up for election,
approve a budget for the ensuing year and take such other action as they deem appropriate and proper.

2) C.S.b.l. i) Invocation; ii) Reports and action by the Membership; iii) Unfinished business; iv) Elections; iv) New Business; vi) Benediction

3) Page 3: 6.b. All Officers, directly elected Council members, Board members, and directly elected Nominating Committee members shall be initially elected at  the Annual an Election Meeting to be held on a Sunday in May of each year.

4) 6.c. Names of candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee for positions to be filled at the Annual Election Meeting shall appear in the notices of the Meeting published to the Membership.

5) 6.d. Additional nominations for any such positions may be made only by petition, signed by ten (10) Active Members and filed with the Clerk at least two (2) weeks in advance of the Annual Election Meeting; and they shall be published to the Membership as least one (1) week prior to the Meeting.

6) 6.f. No nomination may be presented at an Annual Election meeting unless the nominee shall have consented to serve if elected.

7) 6.g. Terms of Officers, Council members. Board members, and directly elected Nominating Committee members shall commence immediately upon their election, at noon on the first Sunday in June and shall terminate on proper election installation of their successor, resignation, or cessation of Active Membership.

8) 6.h. If any Officer or position, except the Vice Moderator and Moderator, or any board or Council position becomes vacant between Annual Election Meetings, the Council, after consulting the Nominating Committee, shall fill the vacancy by an interim appointment until the next Annual Election Meeting.

9) Page 4 - A.1. COMPOSITION: The Council shall consist of the following members, each of whom shall have one (1) vote:

10) A.l.b. A representative from each Board; The Chairperson or, in the Chairperson's absence, the vice Chairperson from each Board;

11) A.l.c. Twelve (12) Nine (9) members-at-large elected at an Annual Election Meeting, each of whom preferably shall will have served at least two (2) years on Boards, Committees, or as an Officer of the Church.

12) 2. TENURE: Members-at-large shall be elected for three (3) year terms staggered so that, absent a vacancy, not more than four (4) three (3) members are elected at each Annual Election Meeting.

13) A.3.b. Have supervisory general oversight responsibilities for the Ministers and staff, including approving job descriptions, establishing compensation, and evaluating performance;

14) Pg. 5 B.l.a. The Board of Benevolences and Church Relations shall consist of nine (9) six (6) members.

15) B.l.b. The Board of Christian Education shall consist of twelve (12) nine (9) members.

16) B.l.c. The Board of Christian Fellowship shall consist of twelve (12) nine (9) members.

17) B.l.d. The Board of Christian Stewardship shall consist of nine (9) six (6) members.

18) B.l.e. The Board ofCongregational Care shall consist of twelve (12) nine (9) members.

19) B.l.f. The Board of Deacons shall consist of eighteen (18) fifteen (15) members.

20) Pg.6 B.2.a. Each Board shall be composed of Members elected for three (3) year terms. A Board member may be elected to a maximum of two (2) successive terms on the same Board.  Election to each Board shall be such that the terms of no more than one third (1/3) of its members expire annually.

21.) B.2.d. Each Board shall elect from among its membership a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson, to be elected at the last Board meeting before the Annual Meeting, and to assume office immediately following the Annual Meeting.  Eligibility for office shall require the completion of at least one (1) year on the Board.

22) B.2.f. Each Board shall appoint a representative and alternate to serve as
its representative to the Council; however, the Chairpersons and Vice
Chairpersons of the Boards of Deacons and Trustees shall be such
Boards' representatives and alternates.
  The Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons of the Board shall serve as representatives and alternates to the Council. (voted that "alternates" have no vote.)

23) Add B.2.k. Boards may recommend to the Council removal of any member who consistently fails to meet the responsibilities of commitment to duties, attendance at meetings, or participation in activities. Upon approval of removal by the Council, the vacancy created shall be filled by the Nominating Committee.

24) Pg. 7 C.1. All members of standing Committees shall be Active Members and shall serve three (3) year annual terms up to a maximum of six (6) successive terms except as otherwise provided by these By-Laws.

25) C.l.a. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Moderator as Chairperson, the Vice Moderator as Vice Chairperson, The Past Moderator, and the Council representative Chairpersons of the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees.

26) C.1.B.#2 The Committee shall be responsible for the preparation of the proposed annual Church budget, and for long-range financial planning relative to both operating and capital funds. Specifically, the Committee will do two (2) year forecasting and will convene in the first third quarter of each calendar year to prepare the proposed budget for the following year.

27) Pg. 8 d. The Personnel Committee shall consist of seven (7) members, four
three (3) of whom shall be Council members and one (1) of whom shall be the Moderator.

28) Pg. 9 2.c. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members, three (3) of whom shall be elected by the Membership at the Annual Election Meeting and two (2) of whom shall be members of the Council.

29) 2. C. #2 The Committee shall function throughout the year to nominate Council and Board members and Officers for all positions to be filled by interim appointment or election at an Annual Election Meeting.

30) Pg. 10 D. Officers
All Officers shall be elected at the Annual Election Meeting by the Members,
and shall serve without compensation.

31) D. 1. MODERATORS: The principal Officer of the Church shall be elected annually for a three (3) year term to serve in successive one (1) year positions, first as Vice Moderator, then as Moderator, and finally as immediate Past Moderator.  All nominees shall will preferably have served at least two (2) prior years on the Council.

32) D. 4. CLERK: The Clerk shall be elected as an Officer of the Church at the Annual Election Meeting, and shall act as Secretary for the Church, keep official records, issue letters of transfer as directed by the Board of Deacons, and give legal notice of Membership Meetings.

33) Pg. II F.#2The staff shall be paid by the Church, and shall may include:

Discussion followed the presentation above. We have Boards here at the church that are begging for members. The motion was made, carried and approved to adopt the changes listed above.

Steve Hayes presented the Budget and Finance Report. There is less revenue due to a shortage on the Pledge Drive.  Basement renovation will be $112,000.  Much of our benevolence goes to the N.A. which is a contribution, not dues.

Excerpts from Rev. Lonnie Richardson's report:

The meeting of the membership is the Congregational Way.  We are the church.  For those of us who covenant together, it is a choice for community.  What investments are we prepared to make?

Merrill thanked the church staff and all of the congregation.

The 157th Annual Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  Elizabeth A. Isenberg, Church Clerk

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Budget 2000
Actual 2000
Approved 2001
     Deferred Maintenance
$114,000 $103,574 $130,799
Deacons $3,825 $3,359 $3,700
Congregational Care $1,800 $888 $2,000
Christian Fellowship $2,700 $2,384
Christian Education $12,000 $12,657
Stewardship  $1,900 $1,204
Canvass $2,725 $1,788
Communications $30,600 $32,023
Music $5,675 $5,861
Personnel $440,000 $455,356
Sub-committees $1,900 $2,465
Operating Expenditures $617,125 $621,559
Benevolences $46,664
Facilities Renewal Projects
Budgeted Expeditures $663,789
Pledge Base  
Other Receipts  
Income from Heritage Endowment Fund  
2001 Shortfall Opportunity    

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