April 25, 2004

First in faith, freedom, fellowship, and Wauwatosa


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Arlette Lindl - Wauwatosa's Distinguished Citizen

Vacation Bible School

Minister's Musings

Gifts from the Heart


Sr. Minister Evaluation

Baseball Schedule

Women's Service Group

Carrie Kreps Joins Staff

Adult Education

Lectionary Readings

In Brief


Barbara Lindl - Wauwatosa’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year

Since birth, Barbara Garvens Lindl has been a recognized treasure of this congregation. Now the City of Wauwatosa is formally acknowledging Barbara as Wauwatosa Distinguished Citizen of the Year at an awards dinner, April 21, at the Bluemound Country Club.

As a member of choir, Church Council, numerous boards and committees, Meals on Wheels volunteer and Sunday School teacher, we have long benefited from Barbara’s volunteerism. But, Barbara's efforts have been just as committed throughout the community. Extremely active in the Wauwatosa Historic Society, she and husband Ken founded and developed (and supplied much of the antique equipment for) the 19th Century School House Program, which Wauwatosa second graders view annually through the district curriculum on Wauwatosa’s history. She has also served on the Board of Directors and teaches/provides slide presentations in schools and leads tours of the Kneeland Walker House.

Barbara is also a longtime member of the Wauwatosa Women’s Club where she has taken an active role in the care and maintenance of the historic museum housed in the clubhouse. The first and only historic museum in Wauwatosa (started in 1926), it houses documents and articles dating back to the 1800’s. She has spent countless hours organizing these archives and newspaper clippings.

As a 25-year member of the Heritage Garden Club, Barbara has participated in many educational and beautification projects in Tosa, including the maintenance of the “Welcome to Wauwatosa” signs at the city borders.

Some of her other volunteer work includes service with The Symphony Children’s concerts, scouts, PTA, Children’s Theatre, and The American Cancer Society.

Going back to Barbara’s grandparents, Agnes and Charles Hart and Edwin and Claira Garvens, both couples were pioneers of Hart’s Mills. Garvens’ owned the first grocery in Hart’s Mills/Wauwatosa. It is this heritage that Barbara carries on and has successfully passed along to her own five children, who like Barbara, attended and graduated from the Wauwatosa School system. In fact, four of the five: Sarah (Anderson), Ann, Mary (Wray), and Nancy (Harmon) are all also members of First Congregational Church. Paul, the youngest, has moved to Hartford.
The Distinguished Citizen of the Year selection committee is composed of representatives from various civic organizations in Wauwatosa. They look for candidates who have given of themselves for the betterment of Tosa. Other church members who have received this award in the past include: Barbara’s husband Ken Lindl, the Rev. Norman Ream, Alice Krebs and Marion Peterson.

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Come to the Hottest Vacation Bible School
Lava, Lava Island - Where Jesus’ Love Flows
June 21st – 25th

“Lava Lava Island” lets us watch Jesus’ love flow into real life. Each day kids choose a specific way to live out the learned Bible lesson at home. For example, they make a sibling’s bed, pray with a friend or bring someone a drink of water.

Kids share Jesus’ love as they carry out their “daily challenges” at home. Then back at Lava Lava Island (Vacation Bible School), kids will add shiny lava to a giant volcano each day to show how Jesus’ love flows out from all of us.

Children will also participate in crater crafts and missions, hot Bible adventures, and jungle games. They will go to sing and play bay and enjoy tasty tropical treats. On Thursday, they will climb the volcano (a rock wall). On Friday, students, parents, friends and family will be invited to the Lava, Lava Luau to celebrate the end of VBS. Children entering kindergarten through those entering sixth grade will have the chance to participate in an exciting week.

This action-packed, fun-filled journey will be held during the week of June 21. We will meet each morning from 9:00–11:30. Sign your child(ren) up now so he/she doesn’t miss the fun. The cost is $20.00 for the first child in a family and $10.00 for each additional child. Sign up before June 6th and you will receive a $5.00 discount for your family. In addition, if anyone is interested in helping with VBS, please indicate your area of interest on the form below. (Childcare will be provided for those volunteers who have children not yet old enough to participate in VBS.)


Registration Form – VBS 2004
Complete and return to the church office by Friday, June 18
Name of child(ren)
Address:_________________________________________________ Phone__________________
Grade entering in fall of 2004 _________________________________
Allergies ____________________________
Parent(s) name___________________________________________ Phone __________________
Emergency contact____________________________________ Phone
o Yes, I am interested in helping out during VBS. (Please check area(s) of interest.)
___ teaching ___ snacks ___arts/crafts
___ games ___ preparation ___ where needed
Any questions, contact Carrie or Carla, (414) 258-7375.

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Minister’s Musings

Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians begin with this salutation: “Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy, to the church of the Thessalonians in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: Grace to you and peace from God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.” There is a nice ring to that beginning. So, here goes:

Steven, Samuel, and Carrie, to the first church of the Wauwatosans in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: Grace to you and peace from God the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ!

By the time you read this you will have received a letter announcing that, after almost two years, we are back to our “full complement” of three ministers. Carrie Kreps, who has worked with us during this past church program year as an intern from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, has accepted the church’s call to serve as Associate Minister for Youth and Family. She will begin her duties full-time with us on an appropriate day, June 6, Children’s Sunday.

I have had many opportunities over the past several months to work as a team with Carrie and with Sam Schaal, who joined us as our Associate Minister for Pastoral Care and Spiritual Formation back in December. I’ve chuckled more than once over Sam’s response to someone’s compliment on the Christmas Eve service, “Yes. Not bad for an old monk, a renegade Unitarian and a kid.” That statement certainly testifies to the wonderful camaraderie and working relationship we share. However, it has become very clear to me that we share something even more important: a shared vision and a sense of mission for the work of First Church.

All three of us have felt that God has called us to this place, at this time for a reason. All three of us have said, repeatedly, that we believe First Church is poised for its next great experience of development. All three of us, thankfully, understand that there must be inward growth before there can be outward growth. And, all three of us each bring something different to the table, but have sense enough to realize that there’s no potluck without the other ones’ offerings. It is my prayer, then, that our ministry together will model the kind of community we hope to achieve here at First Church – working together to build up God’s people here on Church Street.

How are we going to build ourselves up? As a church we have determined that our goals for the next four years would be:

1. To increase our current membership, better assimilate new members, and motivate renewed involvement on the part of current members.
2. To broaden and strengthen our education for adults and children, especially through increased small group activities and alternative worship experiences.
3. To expand our community outreach, including increased public awareness of First Church – who we are and what we do.
4. To motivate people to support the church’s stewardship and benevolence efforts.

These goals have emerged from our visioning and self-examination process as a faith community. The Long Range Planning Committee will soon have developed an action plan that will help guide us toward this completion. The three of us will be working alongside you and the church’s elected leadership team to make that process as smooth and growth-filled as possible. Working together we can accomplish our vision of Faith, Freedom and Fellowship, which I could sum up in the words of the Puritan preacher William Gurnall, “The Christian’s life should put his minister’s sermon in print.”

On more than one occasion old Paul says of a fellow-worker or a church, “I thank God for you.” I thank God for Carrie and for Sam; good colleagues with deep spiritualities and strong work ethics. I thank God for all the members of the staff who, all together, make this church a place of worship, welcome, fellowship, and joy. I thank God for all our church leaders and church members – even the ones we need to see around here more often – you make this place what it is and what it can be. I thank God for all of you and I look forward to us growing together in God’s love and God’s service in the years ahead. There is, indeed, a nice ring to this beginning.

Now….let’s get to work building the kingdom of God here on Church Street, shall we? As ever:
Yours for the Way,
Rev. Steven A. Peay, Ph.D.

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Gifts From the Heart

Each year Congregational Home receives numerous gifts from friends. We recognize just how fortunate we are to be given the means by which to enhance residents’ lives and feel an overwhelming need to say this in print. Just as last month’s article identified how important it is to have volunteers support our efforts, we find the gifts we receive equally as valuable.

Through monetary donations we have been able to enhance the lives of residents by purchasing furniture, equipment and vehicles. Often times we have a Wish List from which donors can choose. At other times, families/residents have a cherished idea that they want to make a reality for residents. A thirty year history of benevolence is difficult to describe in one short article. We have chosen therefore to highlight just one area, our Chapel, including photographs of gifts in our Chapel which opened in 1998. Keeping in mind that these gestures represent just a few of the many extraordinary gifts given to Congregational Home, please know how much we appreciate all donations.

All of those who have given so generously know in their hearts how meaningful their gifts have been to Congregational Home and its residents.
Please join us for our 30th Anniversary Celebration, Sunday, June 13, 2004, at 3:00 p.m.

Chapel Window-
In Memory of William and Margaret Grede
Donated by their daughters, Jan Jacobs and Betty Davis


Donated by Charles Borgwardt

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Accepted Nominations for 2004

The Annual Election Meeting of First Congregational Church of Wauwatosa will be held Sunday, May 6, 2004 at 10 a.m. in the Social Hall. Below are the accepted nominees.


Bill Edens

Vice Moderator
Harry Holz

Past Moderator
Steve Fisher

Michael Simmons

Assistant Treasurer
Jim Walsh

Church Clerk
Sally Boyle

Nancy Hayes
Tom Winkel
Sue Melby
Brian Bahr
Rebecca Haefner
Dick Berger (1-yr term)

Bladen Burns
Rob Elliott
Care Board
Jim VerDuin
Holly Krull
Julie Wills
Sarah Berte (1-yr term)
Denise O'Meara (2-yr term)

Christian Education
Jennifer Wakefield
David Wareham
Nancy Holz

Nominating Committee
Barb Holtz
De McDermott
Rod Schmidt

Marty Vander Velde
Kate Welch
Ed Kraus
Margaret Daigneau
(2-yr term)
Kris Dalen-Bard (1-yr term)

Myra Miller
Gaye Clark
Nancy Restyanszki
Julie Sheridan-Smith
Susie DaigneauTrustees
Marc Blazich
Scott Wittig
Judy Bates

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Senior Minister Evaluation Seeks Your Input

In the true Congregational spirit, it is time again for you to voice your opinions on the performance of Reverend Dr. Steve Peay. This evaluation process seeks feedback from our members, as well as from the minister’s peers, supervisor and subordinates (whichever is appropriate). The approach was developed in response to comments and concerns expressed by our Congregation about having a voice in the evaluation.

Evaluation process benefits the Senior Minister and therefore the church.
Your input in the evaluation process provides valuable and insightful performance feedback, which the Senior Minister may otherwise not receive. It helps our minister:

• Take a more active role in his own personal development;
• Identify, understand, and manage the expectations and perceptions others have concerning his
• Evaluate his performance based upon an unemotional base of feedback;
• Implement improvements based upon direct member feedback.

Through this process, church members and others have the chance to offer constructive feedback and support to Steve. He will learn to develop his full potential and realize a higher level of satisfaction and reward from his efforts. This feedback is not the sole basis for a performance evaluation; it is one of many sources of input.

Feedback form gathers input from all who interact with the Minister.
A Membership Expectations and Clergy Feedback Form, or “Feedback Form” is prepared by members, peers, subordinates or supervisors. It has numerous questions regarding varying aspects of performance and provides space for written comments on strengths and areas for improvement.
Individual Feedback Forms are kept strictly confidential – even from the minister. Responses are consolidated within the same group (member, peer, subordinate, supervisor).

Each form must be signed and returned by the return date to be considered. Blank forms are available at the church office. Members may call the church office to have a Feedback Form mailed to them.

Your Senior Minister gets feedback from all groups.
When all Feedback Forms are compiled, a Feedback Analysis and Results document, or “Results document” is produced. It shows how each group (member, peer, subordinate, supervisor) responded to each of the performance questions. This is compared to the minister’s self-evaluation. All comments on strengths and areas for improvement are in the Results document. The Evaluation Committee uses the Results document as input for the minister’s formal evaluation, along with other sources of performance feedback. A formal written evaluation, which is separate from the Results document, is prepared by the Evaluation Committee. A final written evaluation documents areas and time frames for improvement.

The “Results” document from the feedback on the performance questions will be available to the membership, upon request.
Now is your chance to participate.

Feedback Forms for Rev. Dr. Peay’s evaluation will be available at the office from May 1st through May 31, 2004. The deadline for returning your Feedback Form is June 1st, 2004.

This is an excellent opportunity for your voice to be heard. Please pick up your Feedback Form in the office on May 1st, or call the office to have one mailed to you.
Your Personnel Committee

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Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Come on out and cheer on the 2004 Men’s Baseball team. The games are always fun, and this year’s team will likely give fans a lot to cheer about. Last year, the team was one of only 24 to be invited to the City League Tournament, (1 of only 3 church teams to receive this honor.) After finishing 3rd in their 2003 league, they believe they can contend for the top spot this year!

2004 Men’s Tuesday Church Baseball League Schedule

April 27 9:30 Hart Park
May 4 9:30 Whitman Field
May 11 7:30 Hart Park
May 18 8:30 Whitman Field
May 25 7:30 Hart Park
June 1 8:30 Whitman Field
June 8 6:30 Hart Park
June 15 6:30 Whitman Field
June 22 6:30 Hart Park
June 29 8:30 Whitman Field
July 6 7:30 Hart Park
July 13 8:30 Whitman Field
July 20 7:30 Hart Park
July 27 9:30 Whitman Field
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Women’s Saturday Group Commits “Hands to Work, Hearts to God”


Please consider joining your fellow church women on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 8 to 10 a.m. to gather at church for reflection and service. This group is open to women of all ages. “We have adopted the theme that the church used last year, because it reflects the spirit that we embrace,” said group facilitator Julie Smith.

The group spends the first hour together with coffee, fellowship and selected readings. Currently the group is discussing “The Unexpected Teachings of Jesus” by John Coleman. The second hour is usually spent in a service project, complementing the needs of the congregation’s Care Board.

Since forming, the group has participated in a variety of service projects. The group has made and delivered soups, casseroles, breads and cookies. Margie Idzikowski spearheaded the making of bags that can be attached to walkers to donate to the Congregational Home for Christmas gifts. And in a joint project with the Congregational Home residents, the group made fleece baby blankets which were donated to the Stork Net Project, a benefit of the March of Dimes.
We’d love to see you, meet you and share in the joy of working together for God. If you’re considering joining us, but have questions, please call Julie Smith at (414) 774-8688.

Please join us. For busy high schoolers, moms, grandmas, aunts--wherever you are in your life--be assured that you can come and go from this group as your family demands allow. Just bring your heart, enthusiasm, ideas and desire to work together for God’s good.
--Julie Smith
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Carrie L. Kreps Joins Staff

Carrie Kreps has become a familiar part of life at First Church during her internship with us. Those who come to know her appreciate the depth of Carrie’s spirituality and her sharp mind – they also appreciate her ready smile and infectious giggle. Now we are blessed that she will continue to be a part of life and work together. After an almost two-year search, Carrie has been selected and called to serve as the Associate Minister for Youth and Family.

The Associate Minister for Youth and Family will provide care and nurture to the congregation, particularly to students in middle school and high school and to their families. The special charge of this minister is to help the families of the church to grow and develop in their spiritual lives. Specific duties include directing the Junior and Senior Pilgrim Fellowship programs and coordinating the Covenant Class, along with providing appropriate pastoral care to these groups. The Associate Minister for Youth and Family will also work to develop alternative worship services and ministry for young adults.

Carrie will begin her full-time work with us following her graduation from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois on May 14. Her official start date is, appropriately, Children’s Sunday, June 6. So that she has time to settle-in and get married, the Ecclesiastical Council of the Vicinage and service of ordination will take place in October. Watch for further information in the Columns as that draws near.

We look forward to a year of celebration and growth. Welcome, Carrie!
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Adult Education

May 2
Deacon Marvin Jones
Director of Piney Woods School in Mississippi

May 9
“Youth and the Common Good: Seeking Community in
the Modern World”
Paul Stein and Sr. High Youth

May 16
No Adult Education -
Annual Election Meeting

May 23
Rev. Samuel Schaal

May 30
No Adult Education

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Lectionary Readings

Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 2
First Lesson Acts 9:36–43
Psalm Psalm 23
Second Lesson Revelation 7:9–17
Gospel John 10:22–30

Fifth Sunday of Easter May 9
First Lesson Acts 11:1–18
Psalm Psalm 148
Second Lesson Revelation 21:1–6
Gospel John 13:31–35

Sixth Sunday of Easter May 16
First Lesson Acts 16:9–15
Psalm Psalm 67
Second Lesson Revelation 21:10; 21:22–22:5
Gospel John 14:23–29

Ascension Sunday May 23
First Lesson Acts 1:1–11
Psalm Psalm 47
Second Lesson Ephesians 1:15–23
Gospel Luke 24: 44–53

Pentecost Sunday May 30
First Lesson Acts 2:1–21
Psalm Psalm 104:24–34, 35b
Second Lesson Romans 8:14–17
Gospel John 14:8–17, 25–27

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In Brief

Congregational Home is hosting a performance of classical music by Waukesha Symphony Orchestra String Quartet, Sunday April 25, 2004 at 3:00 in the Chapel/Auditorium. 3150 Lilly Rd. Brookfield, WI, 262-781-0550. Light refreshments following performance.


The deadline for submitting articles for the next issue of the Columns is

Monday, May 17, noon

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