September 28, 1997


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Committment Sunday

Enriching Our Heritage

Web Catches Interest


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Commitment Sunday
November 2, 1997

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Enriching Our Heritage

We, as member and friends of First Congregational Church, are about to embark on a wonderful opportunity to rededicate our commitment of time, talents and finances in the 1998 Stewardship Campaign entitled, "Enriching Our Heritage." We are urged to consider the many options each of us have to continue the heritage of one hundred and fifty-five years of rich church ancestry.

This will be the first of two articles to appear in The Columns prior to Commitment Sunday, November 2. The purpose being to inform our church family of the spiritually enriching programs developing and presently underway within our congregation that are deserving of our personal and financial support.

Let us begin our focus on the outreach programs which began last year. Within the Constitution of First Congregational Church, the Article III covenant states, in part, "we are to reach out to those in need, to treat each other with love and understanding, and return to God a portion of his gifts". In keeping with this promise, last year several of our new members formed an outreach program, "The Honduran Task Force." Led by Mercedes Richardson, this group combined their talents to reach out to a village of people in dire need and were able to make a positive impact. We will be continuing this mission in January 1998. Our goals for this venture are to expand the medical clinic and to provide a dental clinic and to assist in providing a dentist to serve the people of this region. There are also plans to complete construction of apartments to house mission teams who visit the area. Beginning in the summer of 1998 it is hoped that the youth of our church will also have the opportunity to make an annual summer mission trip to Honduras. It promises to be an invaluable experience for our young people. This worthwhile program is made possible by the support of each of us in our generous giving of financial commitment and prayerful support.

On future Sundays, we will be hearing from members of our church family who will share personal experiences of the positive impact First Congregational Church has made on their life and family. Most of us have a story to tell of the many ways this church community has been a constant source of support in the uncertain world that surrounds us.

The opportunity awaits us on November 2nd to prayerfully consider our pledge for the campaign of 1998. Our dedicated ministers and church staff are never failing in their desire to assist each of us in times of need and share when we are blessed with happiness.

Let us each "Enrich Our Heritage" by combining out resources to make the 1998 Steward-ship Campaign a supportive success.

by Mary Jane Beiter

Stewardship Committee


Web Catches Interest

Our Web page, which came on-line late this Spring is catching the interest of members and visitors alike. The Web Page has now had more than 1200 hits (or visits), continuing to average approximately 75 per week.

People are visiting our site for diverse reasons. While surely many of the hits are out of curiosity, there are also many people making use of its features and information. Recently, a couple relocating from Chicago came to visit our church after researching first via the Internet. Wedding and baptism inquiries have also come through this method. Church members have made use of the e-mail feature to send the church staff information from Board or Committee meetings. Our Web site is definitely being used!

Our Web site is an ever evolving project. Since it went on-line, many new areas have been added, and it will continue to grow, including more information. Some of the recent additions to the site are as follows:

Sermon Preview

Just like it sounds, sermon topics, with the preachers will be available at least a month in advance.

Music Page

The choir anthem schedules will be available for a couple months prior to each service. Song texts will also be coming soon for those who wish to preview the music before worship or take a look back at a hymn they particularly enjoyed.

Adult Ed

The course listing of the "College of Spiritual Knowledge" for the entire year is now available for perusal.
A more detailed calendar is also on-line.
Looking ahead, a visual tour of the church and pictures of the ministers will also be a part of the site.

Anyone who has Internet access via any of the providers can take a look at the Web site. If you've never surfed the Web, don't be afraid - it's easy! Go to the internet and type in our address:

There is a wealth of information for anyone interested

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